They make us laugh

By Published On: August 16th, 2016

Kids are funny. They do funny things. They say funny […]

IMG_5943Kids are funny. They do funny things. They say funny things. And I always find myself thinking that I’ll never forget the funny things they say and do. But we all know that’s not true because I can’t remember anything these days, so I think it’s best to write down the funny-isms for posterity’s sake …

– In this house we love the Olympics. Or, as the 2-year-old calls them, the Olym-Fics. She was beside herself when she got a naught report from school yesterday and had to go straight to bed after dinner instead of getting to watch some of the Olymfics. It’s so cute that I don’t have the heart to correct her.

– The 4-year-old (who will be 5 tomorrow!) had his first soccer practice of the season this week. They played shirts vs. skins. He was on the skins team and, as my husband reports, he spent the entirety of the scrimmage making armpit farts as he walked around the field shirtless. We’re so proud.

– The 6-year-old has recently told us that she wants to be a fighter pilot when she grows up. So this morning my husband dialed up some YouTube videos of fighter pilots in action for them to watch while they ate breakfast. Nothing sets you off to a good Thursday like watching fighter pilots fly their planes while you eat your oatmeal.

– At 5-months-old, the baby has figured out object permanence, so she losing her ever-loving mind whenever I’m not in her sight. It’s sweet. And a little crazy.

– The other day the 4-year-old reported the following to the six-year-old: “Do you know what hurts? Gravity hurts.” He then explained to her that he learned this lesson when he fell out of the bed of dad’s truck. Gravity. It’ll get ya every time.

– “I have to put my sunglasses on because it’s so windy.” ~2-year-old

– “Ugh! Why is there pizza sauce all over this pizza?!” ~4-year-old

– Recently the 4-year-old was unable to sleep at bedtime. Why? Because, according to him, there wasn’t enough blood in his forehead.

– My husband came downstairs and reported that I had to go say goodnight to all the kids.  I responded: “I did say goodnight to them. Why do you think they’re all crying?” Mom of the Year right here.

– When we were in Washington, D.C. we took the kids to see an IMAX movie at the Smithsonian. The 2-year-old couldn’t watch it though because she “needed cheese.”

– The 2-year-old was crying because she didn’t want raisins. Note: No one was offering her raisins.

– According to the 4-year-old, mixing milk with chocolate milk makes cheddar cheese.

– At a rest stop along a major interstate where we stopped to use the restroom, the 4-year-old rubbed his hands all over the inside of a garbage can. Again, we’re very proud.

– Last year the 6-year-old (who had just turned 5), had the chance to lead the Pledge of Allegiance before the State Senate. Prior to that happening, the Lieutenant Governor asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she replied, “A mermaid.”

– “Bye-bye, pee pee, I love you.” ~the 2-year-old whenever she flushes the toilet

– If you ask the 2-year-old what her favorite color is, she’ll tell you pink. If you ask her her favorite number, she’ll also tell you pink.

IMG_6019– 4-year-old: “I eat poisonous plants at school.”

6-year-old: “Like what kind?”

4-year-old: “Kale.”

– If you ask the 2-year-old any “how many” question, she answers it with “two and tree.”  “How many cookies do you want?” “Two and tree.”

They make us nuts, but they also make us laugh.