The tipping point

By Published On: October 17th, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham October 16 2012 Well, up until […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

Well, up until this point I feel like this pregnancy has been a breeze. Sure, I had the morning sickness and some fatigue, but all of a sudden I’m pretty darned uncomfortable. My groin is starting to ache (aka ligament pain), my skin is itchy, I bump into any object that is near me and keeping up with work and chores has become almost a joke.

My friend told me that birth usually begins because the body can’t take being pregnant any longer. I know that all these discomforts are a good sign of what’s to come. I can’t wait to squeeze and kiss those baby cheeks, wear pants that button, and get back to my normally healthy ways. I’ve been overindulging as a means of self-medicating and it’s only making things worse. I gained five pounds over the last two weeks. I may start getting weighed backwards so I can’t see.

I really don’t want to whine but it’s getting real over here. I think it’s time for some pampering. What are some of your favorite pregnancy indulgences? One of mine is having some alone time. I went to Target for an hour with Starbucks in hand and I might as well have spent time at the spa. This week the weekly doctor’s appointments are beginning and my confidence is growing that I won’t be pregnant forever.