The smile

By Published On: July 3rd, 2013

The baby has officially started smiling. And yes, these are […]

0703-DEV-The-SmileThe baby has officially started smiling. And yes, these are real smiles. We initially attributed the smirks to stomach issues and figured he always had gas. We quickly realized however that the little guy was responding to us. We could elicit smiles by singing, laughing and dancing next to him. My dance moves occasionally elicited tears, but he smiled eventually. With that round head, almost void of hair, he looked like a toothless little emoticon. In fact, he should demand royalties every time an illiterate teenager texts a smiley face to a friend. He could be drawing self portraits by the time he hits preschool. Heck, he could just text it to his teacher. It truly is the perfect natural smile.
Of course, the gas-induced smiles still exist. He gives us a rubber faced Jim Carrey impression every time his stomach acts up. Whenever he fills his diaper, he greets us with a cheeky grin. Though, to be honest, we are not yet sure whether the grin is caused by gas or happiness. Maybe both.
Either way, we have finally learned what my baby looks like when he smiles. This is important. Some babies reveal shyness while smiling, as though aren’t quite sure what to do with their faces. They come across, as sweet, gentle and unsure. I love them. Other babies smile so intensely that they literally cannot keep their eyes open while smiling. Their powerful cheek bones won’t allow it. Those babies are fearless, camera-loving little beasts, and I love them, too.
My baby seems to be right in the middle. He has a sly politician’s grin, capable of making the most frugal dude open his wallet. He could sell a car tomorrow. Seriously. How would you say no after shaking this guy’s hand?