The skinny on dressing slim

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Sure, growing a baby is a beautiful thing—but there comes […]

thinkingSure, growing a baby is a beautiful thing—but there comes a point in the process when most women get a little tired of, well, growing. If you feel the need to look a little more slender, exercise these easy tricks of the trade.
[tip:] Adding a belt just under the bust and over the bump instantly emphasizes the smallest part of your waistline (as do shirts and dresses with empire waists).
[tip:] Balance, balance, balance. Wide pants should be contrasted with a fitted shirt; skinny pants warrant a roomier shirt.
[tip:] Menswear does not equal maternity! Over-sized, baggy clothes will only make you look frumpy.
[tip:] Choose straight-leg pants that fit the widest part of your leg, usually your upper thigh; they should hang straight, or flare slightly, from there.
[tip:] High-waters make your lovely legs look short. Make sure your pants hang 1/4-inch above the floor, or skim it gracefully.
[tip:] Invest in a pair of well-fitting maternity jeans—you’ll wear them almost everyday! A dark wash with minimal fading provides a long, lean look.