The second time around

By Published On: November 14th, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham November 13 2012 This pregnancy feels […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

This pregnancy feels like it has flown by yet it feels like the last few weeks have been years long. I know I’ll look back and remember it all as a blur, just the way I remember my pregnancy with Matilda. I will say that this time has been different. I still worry the way I did with Matilda, but I have a little more confidence in the process and my body. I haven’t been as swollen or had any swelling really until the very end. Hello again pregnancy nose!

Feeling better in general is probably because I’ve gained about half the weight that I did last time even though I’m craving Talenti gelato like crazy. Other cravings include: cereal (tastes so good), lasagna, pumpkin anything, and definitely sweet potato fries. Mostly savory. With Matilda I wanted sour patch kids, McDonald's (basically any fast food), and Sprite… lots of Sprite. At least this time I’ve stuck to mostly organic carbohydrates. Ha!

I’ve been really blessed to be with my daughter at home 90% of the time and to not be working on my feet full-time like I was with the last pregnancy. I’ve been able to fully appreciate this experience and get more rest because of it. I’ve actually allowed myself to take naps these last few weeks which, in general, I never do. I’ve also taken a different approach to birthing. I switched from an OB to a midwife practice at 36 weeks. I hired a doula and I’m excited to see what my body is truly capable of without interventions. If I do have to go a different route because of circumstances, at least I feel more empowered and educated this go around.

So, now we wait. Each day I wake up wondering if it will be her birthday. Trying so hard to be patient and enjoy the calm before the baby storm. I will say that if I hear one more person tell me they were two weeks late that I might burst into tears!