The Nuk Double Electric Breast Pump

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Breastfeeding is one of the most important things that I […]

Breastfeeding is one of the most important things that I can do for my baby, yet there are so many situations during which breastfeeding is not an option for me. I am a working mom, and so I am away from my twin girls for several hours, and I am not able to nurse them. Traveling can make it difficult to nurse, requiring multiple stops whenever the girls get hungry. There are so many other scenarios, and the solution to almost all of them is to use a breast pump. A breast pump will allow mommy to store up milk for times when she will be absent during feeding, as well as providing relief when mommy becomes engorged if baby is not hungry! Enter the Nuk Double Electric Breast Pump.

The Nuk has many features that make it super functional and easy to use. It’s very small and lightweight, and so it can be carried in your existing diaper bag, without the need for an entire new bag. This is helpful for reducing the amount of items you need to carry and keep track of! You still have to accommodate the tubing and breast attachments, but in all you should be able to fit the entire pump into your diaper bag. You can also choose to use the large carry-all bag which is also included, so that the components are all together and readily available

The pump has a variety of settings, all intended to optimize your breastfeeding experience. There is a suction strength setting, with 8 different levels available, along with a speed setting that provides 4 different speeds. These two settings allow you to find the most efficient mode for yourself. If you find a setting that really works well for you, then the pump has a memory feature, and this will allow you to use the same “optimized” setting each and every time.

When you open the box that the pump is sold in, you get quite a bit more than just a pump. The kit includes the connection that attaches to the breast, and it has a silicone breast cushion to help with a good seal and comfort. There are 4 bottles/breast milk containers that are easily carried in a small cooler which is supplied with an ice pack as well. The tubing, power cord, etc. are all included, along with the owner’s manual which provides great information regarding assembly, usage, cleaning, and advice/information regarding breast feeding successfully. All of the items listed above can be placed into the large carry-all bag.

In the owner’s manual you will find detailed instructions about how to set up the pump, and it is super simple and pretty much self-explanatory as there are so few connections and dials on the pump! Just as important as properly setting up the pump for usage is properly disassembly after you have filled the container(s) with precious breast milk. There is a very clear and concise method outlined in the manual, to be sure that you don’t spill or waste breast milk! After you have disassembled the pump it is crucial that it is kept clean and sanitary, so there is a section in the manual dedicated to cleaning the pump and components. Cleaning the unit is not difficult, and I would say it is comparable to others that I have used in the past.

There is a lot of great information in the manual as well regarding the process of breast feeding, handling of breast milk, and how long it is safe to store breast milk when in refrigerator, freezer, or once it is thawed.

I had little issues with the Nuk as far as functionality, it worked great. I liked the different settings, which allowed me to find a setting that was perfect for me, I was pleasantly surprised with the silicone cushions, which added level of comfort that I had not experienced with my old breast pump, which simply had the breast connectors. I would have liked to see a stronger suction option.

Rarely is a product perfect, and the Nuk pump is no exception. One feature that I liked with my existing pump was the carrying bag, and everything was simple to connect and organize. Nuk offers a great carrying bag, but it can be a hassle at times to get it situated. Not a major issue, but it is one worth mentioning. Lastly, I would like the option of plugging the pump into a vehicle outlet, which would give me the option of pumping in private in my vehicle during a work break or in case of emergency.

Overall, I would say that the Nuk Double Electric Pump is great. It is lightweight, it is simple to operate, and simple (as simple as it can be) to clean after use. There are cheaper pumps available, and a lot more expensive pumps available, but I think that it delivers a great value, for the options given.

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