Week 17: The name game

By Published On: April 15th, 2013

With just a few more weeks to go before reaching […]

preg4With just a few more weeks to go before reaching the halfway point in this pregnancy, I think it’s high-time that I correct an injustice to this new little baby of ours: He/She doesn’t have a name.
Now, I don’t mean an actual name since the boy/girl question is still up in the air. I mean a sweet little nickname to use now. (By the way, an inconclusive gender test last week still has us waiting on pins and needles to know whether we’ll be buying blue or pink– although mother’s intuition tells me I already know the answer. More on that later!)
With Jacob, we lovingly referred to him as “Baby Palmer” from the get go. This baby? I feel bad for the poor thing. Most days, he/she is the “new baby.” Some days, he/she is “the other baby.” And, on really bad days, when I don’t feel like saying “he/she,” he/she (see how repetitive that gets?!) is simply an “it.”
I know. It’s shameful. I’ve tried out various nicknames and, though they’re cute, none of them seem to “fit.” Or, they have other drawbacks. For example, I know some couples who use names like “jelly bean” and “peanut” while their baby bundle is in utero. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard enough time keeping my pregnancy weight under control now. I don’t need any more reminders about the delicious treats that lurk in my pantry.
For the few 14 weeks when it felt like my life’s blood (along with all my energy and food) was being sucked out of me, I would have been happy to go with something like “my little parasite.” (Kidding! Only kidding! Mostly.)  But, those days have passed—thank goodness!—and now here I am with a sweet little nameless baby in my belly.
So, do tell, what name(s) do you use for your unborn baby?