The Great Labor Adventure, part 6: One of the most amazing moments of my life

By Published On: February 3rd, 2012

Written by: Christopher February 03 2012 Imagine you suddenly had […]

Written by: Christopher

Imagine you suddenly had the power to fly. You’re able to soar to the peak of the highest mountain within seconds. You’d be able to easily zoom across the entire globe. It would be a pretty amazing feeling to be able to fly and look down at the world below you. It would probably be one of the greatest natural highs you could ever experience.

It still doesn’t even come close to the feeling of holding your child for the first time.

I thought it was amazing seeing that ultrasound.

I thought it was a remarkable spiritual moment to feel my baby ‘high five’ me from the womb.

It was incredible to finally know that our baby had been safely delivered, and it was amazing looking at my tired but incredibly beautiful wife.

None of it compared to the moment when the midwife put my son into my arms.

He had been crying when the nurses were looking over him. He was still crying when he was passed over to me. But then I quickly spoke to him, “Hi son, I was the one you were ‘high fiving’ for the past few months. I’m your daddy.”
He then stopped crying. He looked up at me. I suddenly was overcome with the most unbelievable feeling.

I was a daddy. This beautiful little baby was my son. I already loved him so much.

I laugh now thinking that one of my pre-birth fears was that I wouldn’t have the “magical” moment when I first held my child. I not only had this moment, but it was more powerful and spiritual than I could ever imagine. I’ve been joking about the dust in the hospital in the past column, but I definitely cried when I held my son. It was tears of joy, because my wife and son were healthy. We had a new family, and it was a family I instantly knew I would protect, support, and love.

I’ve got some pretty cool deals over the years from Boxing Day sales. I never got anything that made me feel like I could soar the highest mountain. Those first few seconds with my son in my arms was the most spiritual and magical moment I’d ever experienced. It was the moment I realized I was a father. This little person was someone I swore to protect. This little person was someone I’d just met, but I knew I loved more than I ever could have imagined.
I was the proud father of a wonderful new family. A family with the most beautiful addition I could have imagined. I welcomed into the world my 6 pounds and 7 ounce son.

I welcomed and loved my son, Everett David Yan Keung Spicer.