The girls' room tour

By Published On: October 4th, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham October 03 2012 I am so […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

I am so excited to be sharing the girls’ room today! It was definitely a good challenge trying to make all of their things fit into such a small space (approximately 12 x 12 with a small closet). After a bit of elbow grease and craigslisting, I’m so happy to have a bright + fun room for our little ladies. My brain hurt and I’m pretty sure my husband’s did too until we were done! Sorry, Sam!

We ended up moving some of the bigger pieces out (we had an Expedit bookshelf and an antique bed) in lieu of the Minnen bed for Matilda (craigslisted) and a Sniglar crib (see resources here). I also wanted the room to appear bigger, so we went with a bright white for the walls. I love the way it opens up the space and makes the colors pop. I love red so there are lots of jolts of the cheery color.

I toned down my “collector” tendencies and did my best to stay as minimalist as possible. We hung shelves to catch books and favorite toys and tried to keep as much off the floor as possible with storage boxes and baskets.

One of the biggest challenges was the closet! We ended up installing an extra shelf as well as hanging shelves to accommodate both girls and to make room for both of them to have some drawer space. After all, girl clothes are pretty hard to pass up!

Hope you guys like it! You can see the full tour right over here.