The First Years Quiet Expressions Plus Double Electric Breast Pump

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I am a first-time mom and wanted to try pumping […]

I am a first-time mom and wanted to try pumping to help increase my milk supply between feedings and store breast milk for when I go back to work. While searching for the right breast pump for me, it was important that I find a model that’s easily portable, can operate without being plugged in, and gets the job done efficiently.

The First Years Quiet Expressions Plus checks all those boxes. It comes with an easy to read instruction manual and a nice sized tote bag that fits all the pump components—with extra room for bottles and any other small items I might want to carry with me. The pump itself is very lightweight and small, so it’s super portable. It can be plugged in but also has a battery pack that recharges when it is plugged in. Also included are two 4 oz Gum Drop bottles with slow flow nipples and storage lids.

The breast shields are a soft, flexible plastic designed to fit any size breast. This pump also has a T-shaped double pump handle that allows for one-handed pumping by attaching the bottles to the handle. The handle can be adjusted for the right fit, so you can pump with one hand free.

The setup requires some assembly and a few parts to put together. You must disassemble and reassemble all the pieces before and after each cleaning. It would be nice if there were fewer parts, but the setup is not time-consuming and is easy. The tubing is simple to attach to the pump when ready to use, and the pump weighs less than 2 pounds for easy storage and use on the go.

What I like most about this pump is how quiet and small it is. I will definitely bring it with me to my office when I return to work because it will allow me to pump discretely.

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The pump has eight suction levels. I find the suction to be pretty strong and have only used it on level 3 or 4 because anything stronger is uncomfortable for me. The lower levels get the job done quickly and effectively. There are no adjustable levels for speed, but I haven’t found this to be a problem at all because the pump drains my breasts quickly (about 15 minutes). You can either pump both breasts simultaneously or one breast at a time, and there is not a different setup or assembly for each option.

I tried the double pump handle several times, and I had trouble adjusting the angle so that I still got good suction. It might work well for others, but I could not get it adjusted for a good fit for my breasts. My recommendation would be to purchase a hands-free breast-pumping bra that can work with any breast pump if hands-free pumping is important to you. I have one, and it works perfectly with this pump even though the shields are quite large.

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Cleaning the pump is easy and there are very clear instructions on how to clean the various parts in the manual. Most of the parts are top rack dishwasher safe or you can use warm soapy water. The manufacturer also makes a special sterilizer bag that can be used in the microwave (purchased separately). It was easiest for me to clean it by hand because I use it frequently throughout the day. I found it very easy to pour my pumped milk from the bottle into a milk storage bag without spilling.

Overall, I would recommend this pump for anyone looking for a portable, lightweight, ultra quiet double electric pump. I think the retail price is very reasonable compared with other much more expensive pumps on the market. This pump is definitely worth a try!

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