The empty crib

By Published On: September 13th, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham September 12 2012 I can’t believe […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

I can’t believe that I’ve finally crossed out of the 20’s and into the 30’s. I am officially 30 weeks and it is an amazing feeling! It seems like we just might get a baby out of this deal. Now that I’m on the two-week rotation, I’m getting a lot more face time with my doctor. She said the next few appointments would be easy and that she would start checking me at 36 weeks. Gulp. We’re also going to go over “signs of labor.” I’m a little nervous because I didn’t naturally go into labor last time. Here’s hoping!

We are getting lots of things done around the house. We finished the girls’ room! Hooray. I kind of thought it just wouldn’t happen, but we pulled it off. Someone mentioned to me that one of their favorite things about expecting a baby is the magic of the empty crib. I have to agree! Going in their room and seeing that crib that will one day hold a sleeping baby is pretty powerful. I’m really glad, too, that Matilda has had plenty of time to get used to it before baby Graham arrives. We’ve found her dolls in there, some pillows, she has tied all sorts of things to the railing. This has all been a great opportunity to talk about babies and safety. Ha!

I’ve been really trying to savor these last few weeks as a family of three. Making extra time to do special things together. Next week I’m going to be sharing my all-time fave thing to do with my three-year-old…