The Container Store Drawer Organizers

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

It’s day two of Making Your Life Easier in the […]

drawer organizerIt’s day two of Making Your Life Easier in the Bathroom and, boy oh boy, do I have a smart and simple solution for you: Drawer organizers.
They are your best friends, I assure you. From your cosmetics and hair bands to baby’s nasal aspirator and diaper creams, there’s no doubt in my mind that you have a drawerful (if not drawerfuls) of stuff to keep sorted. Little bins to corral like items will make your life a bajillion times easier by (1) cutting down the amount of time you spend searching for those mini nail clippers and (2) eliminating that anxious feeling you get anytime you realize you’re going to have to open that dreaded messy bathroom drawer.
So depending on your level of Type A attributes, you can accomplish such organization in various ways. First, you might assemble a hodgepodge of containers you have laying around your house, such as Gladware storage, empty baby food jars and washed out butter tubs. I love this option because it (a) makes use of items you might otherwise send to the landfill and (b) is free(!).
However, a second option offers a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look. Purchasing a matching set of drawer organizers can really jazz up the inside of your drawer, providing such a lovely and calming appearance that it actually encourages you too keep up with the organization. I’d recommend buying coordinating individual pieces so you can create custom system for the size and contents of your drawer. (Pre-designed systems often have too many small slots or not enough medium slots or only use a portion of your drawer space.) I’m a particular fan of these clear plastic organizers from The Container Store. They come in eight different sizes and shapes, easily wipe clean should ever your toothpaste cap not be tightly closed, and create a truly clean and refreshing feel. Plus, if you line your drawers with pretty paper, you’ll still be able to see it through the organizers. (That’s what yours truly did! Check it out in the amateur photograph above.) The Container Store makes the same thing in an extra deep version, so those of you with deeper drawers can be sure to make use of all that vertical space.
I should mention: These organizers are great in any drawer, so don’t stop at the bathroom—organize your office and kitchen too! Then come back tomorrow for yet another product to make your busy mom-to-be or new-mom life a little easier. It’s really multi-functional, and I think you’re going to love it!
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