The big Funfetti reveal

By Published On: November 23rd, 2015

Thanksgiving is almost here despite every single store virtually bypassing […]

1107151501-1Thanksgiving is almost here despite every single store virtually bypassing it in favor of Christmas decorations and that means one thing: hosting.
Since we’ve had G, we’ve made it our pledge (selfishly) to host Thanksgiving every year, so that we don’t have to travel to our parents’ houses. Why? Because traveling with two kids isn’t always pleasant; traveling with two kids to Martha’s Vineyard or Long Island during a major holiday is downright miserable. Traffic up the wazoo, terrible drivers all amok, bridges to cross, ferries to ride on. You get it.
Instead, we’ll have 15 or so people at our humble abode for a feast. It’s a win-win. I enjoy cooking while at the same time being able to divvy up who makes what before they arrive, pot-luck style.
This year has some added incentive for everyone attending, though none of them know it yet. We’ll be revealing, via cupcakes from NoRA, that we’re expecting 3 as well as what he/she will be. (We’re going with Funfetti cupcakes filled with either blue or pink Fluff—because with rainbow Funfetti, you can go either way!) This is big news (and maybe reveals are a little tacky or played out) because with N and G, we had no idea what we were having.
L and I will find out today (the 23rd), which will allow us ample time to decide on a name for 3. With N, we were literally driving to the hospital completely undecided on a name. We passed vans with different company names on them, storefronts, convinced we’d never come up with a name. With G, we had two boy names and one girl name picked out, but it was still a tough decision.
1116151519For 3, we asked N what he wanted to name his new brother or sister, and his answer was quite comical—and it’s funny every time we ask him: Chalk Darcy Peacock. I don’t even care why he picked this name, but I can get behind his creativity and thinking-out-of-the-boxness. I did have to tell him that Darcy was our last name, though.
And while it’s unlikely we’ll name 3, per N’s request, Chalk or Peacock, we’re also not likely to name him/her anything any of our family recommend. Because you know that everyone else thinks they have the perfect name for your new child, and most of these names stem from pop culture. Said names will be tossed aside. L and I don’t like super popular names, but at the same time, we’re not going to name our kids something that makes them hate us in 10 years. At this point, we’ve got names we haven’t used with N and G that are possibilities, but we’ll revisit that once we find out what we’re having.
In the meantime, it’s kind of fun keeping everyone in the dark. But it’ll be hard waiting till dessert to break the news. And once that’s done, then maybe we’ll make it Facebook official (because you know, nothing is legit until it’s blasted all over Facebook). Next time I check in here on DEV, we’ll know if we’ll be having a boy or girl.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy yourselves and those you’re with.