The benefits of sex for mom, dad and baby

By Published On: February 1st, 2010

Being pregnant brings about lots of changes, and one of […]

Being pregnant brings about lots of changes, and one of the most unexpected alterations happens in the bedroom. As your morning sickness and woozy tummy subside, you’ll probably find your hormones raging and your libido rising. Don’t be shy about your new bod—embrace it because there are lots of sexy plusses for everyone involved.
You’ll notice that your body is changing and becoming more sensitive to even the slightest touch—but all of the little changes add up to several wonderful side effects for you and your intimate life.
Blood flow increases “downstairs” and your vulva becomes engorged, intensifying your sexual desire.
The skin on your breasts is stretched, pulling the nerve-endings closer to the surface and making you more receptive to contact.
Endorphins released during orgasm will make your mood take a swing towards happy. At full term, some doctors suggest that a woman who is lined up to have a regular birth should engage in intercourse with her partner to stimulate labor.
Your hyped-up sex drive means you’ll be ready to rumble (and take advantage of all of these benefits) on a regular basis.
Your man:
It may be your body that’s doing the changing, but you certainly aren’t the only one profiting from your heightened sensuality. Your confident sexual prowess, new curves and delicate love-buttons are bodacious—and rest assured, your man loves every ounce of it!
Your enlarged vulva and darkened areolas are irresistible to his underlying animal instincts.
When you let him know your baby belly isn’t a hindrance, he’ll see it as a grand opportunity to try a few new positions (or revisit some old favorites).
Those quickies you manage to squeeze in somewhere between work, doctor’s appointments and meetings will leave him worry free: pregnancy = guaranteed birth control, so you won’t have to grapple for protection whenever—or wherever—the mood strikes.
Physically he isn’t changing, but trust us—when you’re enjoying all the little touches and extra tingles, so is he.
Emotionally, he’s connected—you just bonded to create another life. This can make sex much more intimate for your macho, macho man.
Your baby:
Your baby is in tune to everything going on with your body; if you’re depressed, excited or hungry, chances are your baby is in sync with those same feelings. No one wants to think of their child as being aware of their randy encounters, but it’s not the sex they understand—it’s the emotions and hormonal shifts the fetus can sense. Most of the time, it’s exceptionally comforting and relaxing for your little one.
During intimate encounters, your fetus is on board for the whole positive, emotional ride: happy, ecstatic, content.
The rocking and rolling of lovemaking can lull your baby to sleep.
Orgasms release endorphins that not only make you feel grand—your baby senses a calm, happy sensation as well.
Remember: A happy fetus is a healthy fetus, so great lovemaking can put your little one at ease during a long pregnancy.