Thanks, mamas!

By Published On: April 29th, 2015

When I first started writing for Adventures in Motherhood, I […]

McKinley_Amanda&Bea_4-29-15When I first started writing for Adventures in Motherhood, I wondered what in the heck I’d talk about every week. Now that it’s over, I’m still not entirely sure how I figured it out, although I can say without hesitation that life with a little is never boring.
From Bea’s arrival to her first birthday, so much has happened, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to share all of our merriment and misadventures with you during the past 12 months.
I’m sad to close this chapter of my life, not only because I love P&N very, very much, but also because this blog offered an outlet I didn’t know I needed. Having a weekly deadline forced me to write down our story. Without that proverbial carrot dangling in front of me, I never would have had the motivation to record all of the little things I experienced with Bea over the course of her first year. Adventures in Motherhood showed me that every day with my baby is worthy of appreciation—even if that day includes a whole lot of dirty diapers and not nearly enough sleep.
That’s the reason why I’m sharing this bit of advice: As you continue on your own parental journey, take a few notes about your daily trials and triumphs, and while you’re at it, take even more pictures. Even though you swear you’ll remember every detail (I know I did!), life gets busy. Those sweet and vivid memories of her sleepy smile and teensy fingers wrapped around your pinkie will begin to fade ever so slightly to make way for newer, bigger experiences. You’ll be glad you have a record of each fun stage when you’re in the throes of the next one.
And, while I’m on a roll, I’ll just throw out another piece of unsolicited advice: Even though you may sometimes feel like your nerves are stretched thinner than your old maternity leggings, take the time to be genuinely nice—to your partner, to the mamas in your playgroup, to strangers in the grocery store, and most especially to yourself. It’s always worth the extra effort, and it’s a great example to set for your future lady or gentleman. Plus, karma is a you-know-what.
With that being said, I’m incredibly grateful to you, fellow mamas, for all of the love and support this year. I’m certainly not a leading expert on motherhood (or on much of anything, really … unless you count fibbing about my flossing habits between dental visits), but I think I have enough parenting credentials to say motherhood is one of the most fulfilling undertakings life has to offer. It’s miraculous and beautiful and weird, and I’m grateful for every second of it.
Thanks a ton, and may your own adventures in motherhood be as entertaining as they are rewarding!
Amanda & Bea