I’m quite possibly earning a reputation as a paranoid first-time mom at the pediatrician’s office. I found myself today, looking like a fool after a trip in, only to be told that Isaac is perfectly healthy. (This is the second time I’ve taken him in for nothing. The first was back when I was convinced we must have thrush because nursing was so gosh darn painful.)
Funny how the inconsolable, fussy, crying, mess of a child transformed into a bouncing cherub the moment we set foot in the waiting room. This time I was convinced that he must have an ear infection. He had all the symptoms; the fussiness, the rubbing of his ears, the sleeplessness. He was even pulling away from his bottles when we’d first give them to him. Which, according to the internet, can be caused by pressure in the ear causing pain when they suck. But mostly, he has just been downright unhappy for the last few days. We even had to resort to giving him Tylenol just to get him to sleep last night and the night before. (I hate doing that when I don’t know what’s wrong, but I could tell he was in pain.)
I left with the advice of “it could be reflux or teething.” I’m obviously no doctor, but I am the mama, and I don’t think it’s reflux. I’ve seen Isaac with painful gas, and this is different. I’m thinking it must be teething. There are no signs of those little pearly whites, but boy is he drooling and chewing on everything he can figure out how to get in his mouth, including my finger. I’ve read that they can teethe for up to three months before a tooth actually breaks through. Ugh.
He remained pretty happy this evening, and went to bed no problem. I’m praying he wakes up in as good a mood tomorrow. If not, I’m armed with no less than 5 different teething chew toys, another one on order, an amber teething necklace, a frozen washcloth, three bottles of Tylenol and some homeopathic gum gel. This beast is going down.
Anyone have any miracle cures or advice on how to survive teething? Please share!