Sympathy symptoms

By Published On: June 1st, 2014

Symptom: Aching back Solution: Schedule a couple’s massage to ease […]

Symptom: Aching back
Solution: Schedule a couple’s massage to ease the back pain, and enjoy the added bonus of relaxing time together before baby arrives.
Symptom: Cravings
Solution: Plan dinner dates around each other’s cravings. Cooking together can be just as fun as dining out. If your partner has an aversion to the dish you’ve been hankering, indulge during your lunch break.
couple-cookingSymptom: Hormone shifts
Solution: Feeling extra lovey-dovey? Create a love note jar, so you can share a sweet sentiment with one another whenever the mood strikes.
Symptom: Exhaustion
Solution: If your schedule allows, stay in bed together just a little longer than usual. Being overtired can lead to nausea, so use the excuse to squeeze in some extra cuddles.
Symptom: Depression
Solution: Soon-to-be dads often feel hesitation, anxiety and pressure as they prepare for their new arrivals, but open communication can help put many of those worries to rest. Set up a time during the week when you can both talk about your feelings and concerns freely and without judgment. Don’t forget: You’re going through this together.
Symptom: Mood swings and irritability
Solution: Two words: alone time. Plan separate activities—say a pedicure for mom and a golf outing for dad, and take advantage of the opportunity to decompress. Regular workouts can help relieve stress, too, so try hitting the gym before work or taking an evening stroll.