SweetSeat Chair

By Published On: September 15th, 2011

Baby number one was outgrowing her highchair about the same […]

Baby number one was outgrowing her highchair about the same time baby number two needed it, which was nice. What was not nice was that baby number one still needed a boost at the table, and the booster seats I was seeing at the big box stores just weren’t cutting it. I have a “no primary-colored plastic” rule in my house, and quite honestly, I was getting a little tired of baby and kiddy gear taking over my home. I just wanted something simple and attractive that served its purpose well. Was that too much to ask in the world of baby boosters?
Thankfully, no. SweetSeat answered my call for a cool booster that I didn’t feel like I needed to shove in a closet when company showed up. I am now the proud owner of the pretty turquoise, yellow and white floral seat shown here, and I couldn’t be happier. First of all, it’s even more attractive in person than it is in the picture. I know it isn’t all about the looks, but let’s be honest—nobody wants a big, bulky booster junking up their dining room. Looking at the SweetSeat brings a smile to my face, whereas looking at a plastic contraption would’ve made me cringe.
SweetSeatLooks are nothing if a product doesn’t function well, though. I questioned the stability of the seat at first (I’m used to securing everything with multiple latches and buckles), but it sits smoothly on our wooden dining chairs and doesn’t budge an inch, even when baby number one is being a wiggle-worm. So top marks there. It’s also a good height for our table. Cleanup is a breeze—simply wipe down the seat with a damp cloth, and all that spaghetti sauce just slides right off.
The SweetSeat is a winner in baby number one’s view too: It’s soft and comfy on her bottom, no matter how long she has to sit there. (And on peas night, that can be quite awhile, since mean mommy won’t let her get up until she’s eaten her veggies.)
So all in all, the SweetSeat is a sweet deal: a nice-looking seat that works and cleans up well. It’s also a great seat for tossing in the car and taking with you, since it’s light and doesn’t take up much space in the trunk. It’s a hit at our local pizza joint—every time we bring it in for dinner, the girls rave about how cute it is (and I’m thankful that I’m not parking my kid in a grimy booster that’s been used by thousands of kids). A SweetSeat isn’t a cheap investment at $84, but I think it’ll be well worth the cost … about the time baby number one outgrows it, it’ll be baby number two’s turn to take a seat, and hopefully many more babies will follow in line.
And if the floral doesn’t make you all giddy inside like it does me, fret not: There are nine different options available, from polka-dots to houndstooth to a snazzy bike print.
Price: $84
Buy it: sweet-seat.com