Sweet slumber

By Published On: October 29th, 2012

Though it may feel like you never see your bed […]

Though it may feel like you never see your bed (shut-eye is hard to find for new parents), your lucky little one will get to enjoy a good bit of time dreaming in his. Ensure the mattress he’s sleeping on meets national requirements for safety by choosing a model that’s firm, durable and built to regulation standards.
In recent years, the hazards of chemicals like fire retardants, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have brought questions about safety to the forefront of the mattress industry. In response, parents are seeking mattresses made with organic or all natural materials. “When it comes to making the choice, I would rather be safe than sorry,” says Savannah Ross, mom of two in Houston, Texas. “I didn’t have the ability to choose organic with my son, so when my daughter came along, I was thankful to have the information and resources to make a smarter decision.”
Ross isn’t the only one examining the possibility of better sleep options; a slew of parents are taking charge and going green. And manufacturers are taking note by providing expanded eco-friendly options to consumers. Follow this guide to score the perfect crib mattress for your baby.
Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress: $150
Why it’s safe: Green-guard certified; made with a soy-based foam-core; passes all flammability, lead, phthalate and CPSIA testing; does not contain toxic fire retardants.
Why it’s Great: The mattress is easily wipe-able and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Why we love it: Soy-beans are a renewable resource grown in the USA, and each mattress produced with renewable resources requires less use of crude oils.
Nook Pebble Pure: $395
Why it’s safe: Made from eucalyptus, natural coconut and latex, certified organic cotton and certified organic wool to provide comfort, sustainability and safety.
Why it’s Great: The mattress is hypoallergenic and made with zinc—nature’s own microbe-resistant, antimite and antifungal solution.
Why we love it: The cover is machine washable, and the mattress comes in an array of vibrant colors.
Colgate Mattress EcoClassica III Organic Cotton: $199
Why it’s safe: Meets all federal and state requirements for flammability and chemical composition; Greenguard certified.
Why it’s Great: The orthopedic style dual firmness crib mattress boasts a certified organic cover with waterproof backing.
Why we love it: The family owned company manufactures in the USA, and all foams are made with non-food plant oils.
Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Classic from $259
Why it’s safe: Certified by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); Greenguard certified; and free of harmful chemicals and allergens.
Why it’s Great: The mattress has a wipe clean waterproof surface, non-toxic fire protection and a hypoallergenic design.
Why we love it: There’s a dual firmness option to take it from an infant to toddler bed.
Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight 2-Stage: $199
Why it’s safe: Free of vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, PFC- and anti-bacterial-treated fabrics, fire retardants and latex; Greenguard certified.
Why it’s Great: Made from recycled food grade polyethylene and polyester, this mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Why we love it: The mattress can be easily recycled when baby’s crib-sleeping days come to an end.
Naturalmat Coco Mat: $399
Why it’s safe: Free from food grade poly-ethylene, PVC, chemicals and synthetics.
Why it’s Great: Manufactured in Devon, England, from organic and sustainable raw materials such as coconut husks and lamb’s wool, the mattress is made of 100 percent pure organic fillings to offer gentle support and impressive ventilation and insulation.
Why we love it: Hypo-allergenic wool contains the essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, and allows for a springy and supportive slumber.
Oeuf Pure&Simple Organic and Natural Crib Mattress: 395
Why it’s safe: Made with coir fiber from coconut shell husks with all natural latex, cotton batting and a 100 percent organic cotton cover; Greenguard certified.
Why it’s Great: The mattress is made right here in the USA.
Why we love it: Natural cotton provides durability while still allowing for airflow and breathability.
Royal-Pedic Organic Custom Crib Mattress: $800
Why it’s safe: Made with 100 percent organic cotton grown without pesticides or chemical fertilization.
Why it’s Great: The 6-inch mattress contains 280 coils to provide maximum comfort and support for baby.
Why we love it: Mattresses can be custom-made and tailored to fit the needs of your crib or nursery environment.