Sweet dreams

By Published On: May 22nd, 2012

Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick […]

Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick out some of their favorite products to feature in print. Here are some of our favorite sleepytime selections.

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams by pnmag on polyvore.com
a. Safe and stylish wear for baby’s bedtime makes me happy. —Laura, Editorial Intern
Grobag wearable blanket, $40
b. There’s nothing like a good read to help bring on the sandman. —Steph, Creative Director
Simon & Shuster book, $17
c. I prefer my shut-eye silky style. —Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
kumi kookoon eye mask, $32
d. This blanket makes a great addition to my decor even when I’m not using it for a snooze session. —Lauren, Executive Editor
Ferm Living blanket, $150
e. When we’re away from home, this comfy travel bed ensures a good night’s rest for all of us. —Ginny, Contributing Editor
babyhome travel cot, $300
f. As a new mom, I probably slept as many hours in chairs as I did beds. —Lacey, Editor in Chief
Jennifer Delonge glider, $1,399
g. When I was sporting my bump, a body pillow was a nighttime must-have. —Tracy, Associate Editor
Boppy pregnancy pillow, $60
h. A soothing sound machine is a lifesaver in a house with a newborn and two older (and rowdy) kids. —Rachel, Associate Editor
Graco sound machine, $42