Sustaining your social life during pregnancy

By Published On: April 30th, 2010

Join in regular activities by making bump-friendly revisions. For example […]

Join in regular activities by making bump-friendly revisions.
HappyCoupleFor example …
Scenario: The gang wants to go hot tubbing but you can’t immerse your bump.
Solution: Easy! Suit up and give yourself a nice foot spa while you sit on the rim, relax and chat.
Scenario: The fam-in-law is getting ready to make their annual tour-and-taste trek through wine country.
Solution: Tour stately wineries and romantic vineyards with abandon. Just bring along a nonalcoholic thirst quencher for tasting time.
Scenario: Your closest friends have invited you and your hubby to go bungee jumping—definitely not a low-impact diversion.
Solution: You might be sad if you miss the memory, and your friends wouldn’t want to leave you behind, so wear a smile and bring your clicker. Every group needs a photographer!
Scenario: Your significant other is jazzed about going out to a club to hear some live music, but the place is sure to be smoky and poorly ventilated.
Solution: Search for an outdoor concert or a roomy restaurant with a great live band. Call ahead to make sure you can be seated in a smoke-free zone.