Supper powers

By Published On: March 1st, 2016

A plate, a bowl and a dipping cup—aka the trio […]

A plate, a bowl and a dipping cup—aka the trio that saves the day.
Lollaland mealtime set, $20
Keep individual servings safe in freezer-friendly glass.
green sprouts glass food storage, $20
Fill your own squeeze pouches for accessible snacks in a flash.
BooginHead reusable food pouches, $8 for two
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a silicone spoon designed just for little ones.
oogaa silicone spoon, $6
Think of it as a backward cape that arms baby against spills and stains.
Bella Tunno bib, $14
Guard baby’s territory with a slip-resistant mat that keeps messes contained.
My Natural Toy place mat, $17
Whether things heat up or cool down, be prepared with a stainless steel
container that boasts six-plus hours of thermal protection.
organicKidz food container, $24
Your secret weapon when it comes to serving up baby-sized bites.
Mixed Pears food scissors, $20
This grime-fighting wash helps banish the bad guys.
Biokleen produce wash, $6
If cooking separate meals for you and baby is your kryptonite, then this food
mill is your best friend.
OXO Tot food mill, $25