Summertime hours

By Published On: July 4th, 2016

Summer is here, and with that, most parents seem to […]

0630161856Summer is here, and with that, most parents seem to have a hard time convincing their children that it is indeed bedtime even though the sun is still shining.

Fortunately, Nolan and Graham have relatively no issue heading to bed around 8ish every night. Right after “Jeopardy” and a show of their choosing. All three are really good sleepers … once they’re asleep.

Austin has been a pleasant surprise, and I’m sure us sticking to a pretty set routine helps. His feedings have been more spread out, and he’s been getting tired a bit earlier thanks to him being more alert and awake throughout the day. Eight o’clock rolls around, and he’s pretty much ready for his last meal. Change the diaper, put on a bodysuit, attach his Snuza monitor, burrito him in the sleep sack, and feed him. A burp usually ensues, followed by a tiny bit of tired crying, but he’s usually out pretty quickly. 

He’s been giving us almost eight hours, or until 5 a.m., with the occasional 3:15 a.m. wakeup mixed in, but then it’s back to bed until between 7 and 8 a.m. Better believe we’ll take that! 

0630160906When I mentioned ‘once they’re asleep’ I was referring to Graham, who has been repeatedly climbing up to Nolan’s top bunk. Nolan usually passes out before him because despite needing a nap during the day, he does not take one. He is 5—but still, he’s go-go-go all day long.

Nolan shouts to us that Graham is climbing up to or already in his bed. Whether it is the steps or climbing up the side of the bed, he finds a way, which frustrates the heck out of us. This can go on for 30 to 45 minutes easy. He’s been hearing us walking down the hallway recently and scurries back to his bed, but sometimes he’s not fast enough.

I get it’s summertime, but bedtime is bedtime. The routine changes a bit. They’re going to bed a little later and waking up a lot later than the 6:15 a.m. we were accustom to when Nolan was in school. Nolan needs the sleep because he tends to get bags around his eyes and transforms into a raccoon.

Plus it leaves Linds and me some time together before we pass out at 9:30 p.m. Gotta love summer!

We had Austin’s 2-month check-up last Friday, and lo and behold he’s a beast. He’s already 12 pounds and 10.5 ounces, a milestone Nolan (~6 months) and Graham (~4 months) took their time reaching. He’s eating like a champ, and even though he spits up quite a bit, he never really seems discontent.

Happy Birthday, America!