Summer Infant Soothing Baby Bath & Spa

By Published On: January 1st, 2017

We were excited to receive the Summer Infant Soothing Waters […]

We were excited to receive the Summer Infant Soothing Waters Baby Bath & Spa. Who doesn’t deserve a spa day after childbirth? The product seems to have solved all of the challenges of baby bath time: a handheld shower for rinsing, a gentle incline sling for comfort, and a self-contained tub to keep the baby warm during the bath.
We opened the box ready to bathe our newborn only to realize it required four D batteries, which we didn’t have on-hand. After picking up some, we were ready to give it another go. With batteries in-hand, my husband removed the components from the box to assemble and clean the tub. The tub has five parts, and only the sling arrived wrapped in plastic, so we gave everything  a good wipe-down before baby’s first bath.
With the parts laid out in front of me, I began reading the instructions. Assembly requires a miniature screwdriver to remove the battery casing, but I was able to make a regular Philips head work with a little extra effort. The pump was easy to assemble from there. The hardest part was attaching the sling. The images weren’t as clear as I’d have liked, and I consider myself a pretty handy gal—but this tub got the best of me. I had to call in reinforcements, and after another 10 minutes, my husband got it into place. Finally we could use the tub!
I placed the baby tub inside our bathtub and used a kneeling pad for my comfort. I filled the tub according to the instructions and placed our newborn on the sling, where I proceeded to lather him up. The jets created a bubble at the foot of the tub. Our baby is still small, so the whirlpool effect doesn’t reach his feet yet, but he likes the sound of the jets. One thing to note: The jets turn off when the shower sprayer is used. I wish they could run simultaneously.
During our first time using the tub, the pump reservoir ran out of water, so we had to refill it mid-bath before we could finish rinsing baby. That can be tricky with a slippery newborn, so I was glad my husband and I were both there—having four hands definitely helped. Now that we know about how long the water in the tank will last, we can be more efficient with our shower spraying to avoid running on empty.
On the plus side, the separate components can be used in multiple ways to accommodate a growing child, which helps extend the lifespan of the product. The sling itself can be used in large sinks for a sink bath, and the tub can be used on its own for children who can sit up unassisted. This flexibility is a standout feature, but I think that might be why the instructions are a bit confusing.
Price: $40
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