Summer Infant Prodigy

By Published On: October 16th, 2014

I can say with confidence that our preemie baby seems […]

I can say with confidence that our preemie baby seems very happy in the Summer Infant Prodigy car seat. We feel good, too, knowing it has such a high safety rating from a top-rated brand. We love that the shoulder straps and seat buckle are easy to adjust with the push of a button inside the car seat. You can tighten and loosen them as you please to accommodate your baby’s size.
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But the best part about this car seat is how easy it was to install. It has a high-tech, digital reader that flashes you smiley faces when the base is correctly leveled and installed in your car. I’ve never seen this anywhere, and it helped me feel confident that the car seat was installed correctly because of the technology.
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Another great feature is the extra infant headrest support that our baby will use now, but that I can remove later as he grows. Living in sunny Miami, we also have been taking advantage of the car seat’s canopy on all of our walks and outings.
The car seat was easy to put into our stroller with an adapter, and it snaps right into the frame allowing you to take the car seat with baby instead of having to take baby out and put the carrier into a separate stroller. It’s a little heavy to lift and carry, but not as bad as some other brands I’ve used.
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If there were anything I could change, it would be the bulky handle, which I find hard to move. Otherwise, we love that the upholstery is machine washable.
Overall, we’ve been pleased with our experience with the Summer Infant Prodigy car seat. It was pretty user-friendly to install, and my baby seems to enjoy being in it, asleep or awake. It’s even easier to navigate and lighter than some of the more expensive models I used with my first child.
Price: $220
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