Summer Infant Prodigy

By Published On: September 1st, 2012

The Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Seat is a top-rated rear-facing […]

The Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Seat is a top-rated rear-facing infant car seat. If you’re looking for a car seat that is literally a snap to install, this is the seat for you!
When I pulled this car seat out of the box, I automatically went to the instruction manual to see what I needed to know. The manual was well designed with pictures that highlighted the piece I was working on. Step-by-step instructions were easy to understand.
SummerInfantProdigyThis car seat was so easy to install. I am a small person and never can get other seats in my car tight enough. After snapping the latches onto the LATCH hooks underneath my car’s seat, a simple turn of a lever tightens the base. And I do mean simple. I have never seen anything like this. Adding to the simplicity, Smart Screen technology confirms with a smiley face on a screen when the seat is tight enough and properly installed. No guesswork when it comes to the safety of your child! I should note that the car must be on level ground (i.e., in the garage) for this technology to work. I should also note that even if your car does not have the LATCH system, the Smart Screen technology can work with the lap/shoulder belt installation. Awesome, right?
The carrier part of this car seat easily snaps into the base and provides a snug ride for baby. When you’re ready to take baby out of the car, simply squeeze the release and lift the carrier out of the base.
With the newborn head and body support, this seat provides extra support for a newborn and comfortably accommodates a growing passenger throughout her first year of life (up to 32 pounds). The thick straps on the harness are easy to tighten and adjust to the height of the infant. The removable canopy provides sufficient protection from the sun and can rotate to be by the head or near the feet.

The design and feel of the fabric on this car seat makes it easy to clean and also easy to hide any inevitable stains. The seat pad is easily removed and may be machine washed. Another convenient feature of this car seat is that it can be installed in a car without the base. There are notches on the carrier that can fit a seat belt to secure it safely into place.
Overall, I really liked the Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Seat and all of its available features. The price of the seat alone, along with the available travel system makes it a good value. The technology on the base is unbelievable, and I would purchase it just for that. I have already recommended it to friends!
Price: $140
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