Summer Infant Bentwood High Chair

By Published On: October 1st, 2013

With the addition of twins to our growing family in […]

With the addition of twins to our growing family in the past year, we were in need of a new highchair because there was no room left at the dinner table!  We were pleasantly surprised by the Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair and all the different features it had to offer. In addition to some pretty great functional aspects, the highchair is visually appealing too.  This is great for our family dining area seeing as it is already cluttered with booster seats and another highchair for our young family!
SummerInfantBentwoodHighchairOne of the greatest features that we found in this high chair is the fact that it is collapsible.  When you are not using it, or if you just need to stow it away to make room for entertaining, you simply push two buttons, and the legs come together into a rather compact unit.  This feature is helpful to us in keeping some organization in the aforementioned chaotic dining area.  In addition to the folding/storage aspect of the highchair, there is also a tray hanger on the rear legs of the chair that allows you to store the feeding tray when you are not using it.
The highchair touts itself as being adjustable, and it is.  First, it is functional from when your baby is able to sit in a chair all the way up to toddler years, at which time you remove the snack tray and the highchair functions as a seat for eating at the table.  The highchair can hold a child up to 50 pounds. This means you are getting a product that will be used for years and eliminate the need for booster seats! The highchair comes with a newborn insert, similar to those found in infant car seats, which helps to increase comfort for your baby.
Second, the height of the chair is adjustable, with four different heights available.  This allows for the chair to adjust to different table heights when used as a booster seat. It also allows for the seat to be positioned up higher when mommy or daddy is feeding the child, reducing the need for parents to bend over or assume uncomfortable feeding positions.
Third, the seat has a three-position recline, providing increased comfort for your child. And finally, the tray has three different positions, which again allow you to move and configure the highchair to better suit your growing child.
SummerInfantBentwoodHighchair2In addition to being very functional, the highchair is nice looking.  The frame is an attractive wood finish with metallic accents throughout. Cleaning the frame is simple. using soap and warm water, it comes clean right away! The seat pad is a pleasant green color, and it is vinyl coated which makes it a breeze to clean as well.  If it gets dirty after several messy meals, you can remove it and machine-wash it.  The white tray is actually three different components.  There is the fixed snack tray, removable feeding tray, and the removable tray insert.  The latter two can be washed in the dishwasher.
It seems like with any purchase that you make nowadays you are destined to spend an hour or more trying to decipher the assembly instructions and put together your purchase, whether it is furniture, a toy, or a new highchair.  This is not the case with the Bentwood Highchair. Using only a Phillips screwdriver, we were able to assemble the seat within ten minutes of taking it out of the box! The assembly instructions and usage instructions are very clear, with lots of pictures, making it a breeze to assemble and use your new highchair.
While we absolutely love the Bentwood Highchair, there is one item that we would change if given the chance.  The fixed snack tray, which is in fact “fixed,” can make it difficult to get a larger infant in and out of the seat. Highchairs we have used in the past have trays that remove completely, and you do not have to maneuver your baby’s legs down and through the appropriate holes, especially when your baby is not cooperating.  Still, we are able to put up with this slight negative in order to be able to take advantage of the numerous positives that are provided in the Summer Bentwood Highchair.
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