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After having our second beautiful child, I worried, Will doubling […]

After having our second beautiful child, I worried, Will doubling the amount of kids mean double the amount of gear?! Not necessarily, thanks to convenient products like the Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller.

The 3Dtwo arrived in slim tall package. It was about 48” by 18” by 8”. Once opened, the product was packaged in a bag that carried the stroller, wheels, canopy and cup holder. The whole thing was easily assembled in less than five minutes. Once out of the package, the canopies, wheels and cup holder just needed to be snapped in place. Super easy and no tools required! The manual was basic, but it effectively explained the ins and outs of the stroller to any sleep-deprived parent such as myself.

We purchased an insert (sold separately) for the back seat, so our newborn son could have extra support. He only needed it until he had better core and head strength. This stroller not only can be used in the first few week s of life—which is a godsend because getting out of the house those first few weeks is vital—but up until the child is well into toddlerhood. This appealed to us as we have a new baby and a soon-to-be 2-year-old. Strollers can be pricey. and we need something that will last us for more than a year!

One of my favorite parts of this product is that it folds up with ease only using one hand. That’s a lifesaver when I’m juggling toys and diaper bags. The 3Dtwo has an all-aluminum frame and weighs less than 25 pounds. My husband was surprised the first time he put it into the back of the car. A new vehicle to accommodate our growing family is next on the list, but in the meantime the 3Dtwo stroller easily slides into the trunk of our four-door compact car with room to spare for the diaper bag and accessories. Total parent win! With two kids, there are no extra hands. The carry strap makes it perfect to swing over your shoulder and go. The strap itself isn’t very comfortable, but for short distances it keeps me from having to make two trips to my car.

Summer-Infant-2I also like the slim design of the stroller. It is sturdy enough to accommodate 50 pounds in the front seat and 40 pounds in the back seat, but it maneuvers with great ease. We went to the zoo recently and were amazed by how we could get around tight spaces and crowded rooms with more grace than our previous single seat stroller. The plastic wheels glide smoothly, and you don’t get that bouncing/vibrating motion that cheaper wheels tend to exhibit on surfaces that aren’t smooth. The rear wheels lock with just the tap of a toe and the front swivel wheels lock forward, so we were able to navigate our way through gravel and grass. The canopies are made of mesh material that is easy to clean as well as the seats. Our daughter put it to the test with vanilla ice cream, but with a warm and soapy wash cloth the stroller was as good as new!

Talk about storage and accessories! There is a large storage basket under the stroller. We can fit the diaper bag, a small snack bag and a purse under the seat with no problem. There is a storage pouch on the side of the stroller that is easily accessible for the toddler in the front seat. We use it for a water cup, snack and maybe a book. There is also a parent cup holder to hold a large coffee or water. One thing that we would have liked to see was a second parent cup holder for family walks, or a small storage basket near the parent cup where you could keep keys, phone, etc.

Summer-Infant-3The front seat has a removable padded bar that my daughter rests her hands on when we are walking. The front seat has an adjustable foot rest, so the child can either have her legs hanging down or propped up. I am fond of this feature because many strollers do not have very long or comfortable foot rests for little ones. The back seat has a foot rest that our little guy can’t reach yet, but I am guessing he will like it in the future. Both seats recline about 30 to 45 degrees so that when nap time hits, we are ready!

The two canopies adjust independently and the rear peekaboo window to help block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. The rear canopy partially comes over the front to create total cover for the backseat. The front seat rider may see a little sun from the knees down.

Overall, I think the 3Dtwo is a great purchase and can be found at a more than reasonable price for what it has to offer. It is perfect for long walks and family day trips, and it has exceeded our expectations. The smooth navigation of the stroller mixed with the lightweight design make it an excellent choice for any family with two young children.

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