SugarJack The Isabelle Bag

By Published On: June 27th, 2012

I tend to think of myself as a simple kind […]

I tend to think of myself as a simple kind of girl—a planner really. I like to budget, keep our lifestyle low-key, save for our children’s college education, our retirement, etc. But when I got pregnant, there was only one thing I was willing to splurge on. And that was my push present. For my push present, I knew I wanted a fabulous, chic and stylish diaper bag. I mean for all of that hard work of carrying around a little nugget for 9 months, then actually birthing him, and then following all that fun up with sleepless nights and about a million diaper changes, a girl deserves something incredible to make her feel special. I knew I wanted (and needed) SugarJack’s The Isabelle Bag.
sugarjackOnce I laid my eyes on the stunning craftsmanship and sleek patent leather fabric, all wrapped up in a beautiful off-white color, I was hooked. In fact, I was so in love with it that I think I just stared at it in the box for about a week or two. Did I mention even the box itself is a keepsake to hold goodies? It was all so beautiful that I didn’t even want to use it, out of fear that I would somehow harm the exquisite bag. Thankfully, I got up enough courage to use the stunner and incredibly, it’s actually quite durable. (So there’s no need to be afraid to put it to good use!)
When I realized the bag was as productive as it was pretty, I was ready to put it to the test. I first noticed that the straps are adjustable and can be made to fit different heights. This is very important because you can wear the bag in different ways, such as over the shoulder or across the chest as a messenger bag. The straps are also very sturdy, which is important when you pack the bag full. There are also metal clips so you can attach the bag to your stroller via separately purchased diaper bag clips.
Though from the outside, the Isabelle looks like your fancy, take-anywhere purse, the inside proves that it is a completely organized baby haven. There are several pockets to hold baby bottles, diapers and everyday products, as well as a separate zipper section, and a small zipper bag to hold small items or even toiletries for mom. The bag also comes with a black, see-through plastic holder for wet or dirty clothes, a snazzy diaper changing mat that matches the inside lining of the bag and a bottle warmer to keep fresh , warm bottles insulated. My most favorite feature has to be the front pocket section which gives you easy access to your cell phone, keys and other must-grab-fast items. There is absolutely no need to dig through the bag, everything you need is organized right at your fingertips. The bag’s compartments close with a magnetic closure to ensure nothing escapes and there’s even an eco-friendly bamboo bag for storage after use to prevent dust from ever hurting the quality of the bag. What more could you ask for? It’s luxurious and functional!
There is no doubt that the Isabelle will turn heads, garner questions, and be durable (and stylish) enough to use through several babies or even to carry as a beautiful bag once baby can carry his own goods. You deserve a bag like this mama, so definitely add it to your registry, make it your push present or just spend a little money on yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
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