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By Published On: November 3rd, 2010

Written by: Sheri November 02 2010 My hunch—and the prediction […]

Written by: Sheri

My hunch—and the prediction of many wise women in my life—was true.We’re having a girl!She’s healthy and growing right on track. Paul and I are beyond excited!

During the ultrasound, she was sitting straight up in my belly and facing backwards so we didn’t get a good look at her face. She did give a few kicks and opened her mouth a couple times, which was fun. I felt so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to peek into our little girl’s world.Because of the way she’s positioned, I haven’t felt her kicking as often or as hard as I felt Aaron.Watching her on the screen for a good twenty minutes reminded me of the magic of pregnancy—those tiny little toes, the thumping of her heart, the little kicks that look so purposeful. That sense of wonderment is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and appreciate this pregnancy, which has felt more like an extended flu than anything miraculous.

I'm so curious to meet this little person who has been wreaking havoc on my body.I wonder if she'll be a tomboy romping around with her big brother, or a little primrose who loves to play dress-up with Grandma.I was never the frilly-type, so I feel a bit worried about the latter.Maybe I should start practicing little girl hairdos now?

I’m also contemplating how we can explain this bit of news to Aaron. I figured out last night that I don’t think he understands the words “boy” and “girl.”After a few simple questions, Paul and I realized that he thinks everyone is a boy. I’m not sure it matters much at this point for him, though.

The news has sparked a flurry of ideas about names and decorating the nursery.We have some strong contenders for names, although I think we’re going to keep that part secret until the big birth day.I am going to try to stay away from a deluge of pink, and go with light turquoise and yellow for our little girl’s room.I’m also on the hunt for a few knitting projects—a cute hat and maybe a little sweater for those early months.Let the fun begin!