Stroll-Air My Duo

By Published On: February 29th, 2012

The Stroll-Air My Duo is nothing short of a mother’s […]

The Stroll-Air My Duo is nothing short of a mother’s dream come true! This product is the most user-friendly item I’ve ever used. Stroll-Air thought of everything—and then threw in things you didn’t even realize you needed.
Stroll Air My DuoWhen the stroller arrived at our house, it came in a rather large box; I could feel the dread of hours of assembly come over me. To my surprise, however, this amazing stroller was put together in a snap. Literally, everything snaps together! No tools required. The wheels snap on, the seats snap in, and the sun visors are attached with a simple zipper and a bit of Velcro. Even if you make a mistake, all you have to do is push a button to release whichever part you snapped in and reinstall it the correct way. It doesn’t get much easier than that! The assembly instructions and illustrations are very clear and easy to follow.
The stroller folds down with ease and becomes surprisingly compact for easy storage. It unfolds quickly by simply putting your foot on the brake pedal and pulling up on the handle. You’ll hear a “click” sound when it is fully open and locked into place. The handlebar is cushioned for comfort and is adjustable to several heights. The dual, rear wheel brakes can be applied with the use of one brake pedal in the center of the back axle. The brake is very simple to engage and disengage and firmly holds the stroller in place. My 2-year-old son is able to climb into this stroller by himself and the brakes don’t budge.
Next comes installing the seats. Each seat clicks in separately. You have your choice of facing the seats toward you or facing outward, away from you. You can even have one seat facing out away from you, allowing an older child to see the world ahead of them, and the second seat facing inward so you can keep a closer eye on a younger child. This product can really be customized to your needs. The seats sit up higher than a typical stroller which allows your child to see the world from a whole new perspective. This is especially handy when I take my children to the zoo. I no longer have to take them out of the stroller at each exhibit. They can see most everything from these higher seats! Both seats come equipped with a 5-point harness system that is a breeze to adjust for your child’s comfort. The shoulder straps come with removable pads and the buckle also has a removable pad covering it. The seats themselves are a generous size and are fully padded. Both seats also have their own adjustable footrest and extra large sun visor. The backs of the seats recline by simple pulling on a plastic ring behind the seat, and can be brought back to the seated position by pulling the strap behind the seat while pushing the seat back up to the desired angle. This can all be done while your child is safely strapped into the seat. With the seat back reclined and the foot rest in the horizontal position, my son can lay perfectly flat which makes diaper changes quick and easy!
The bassinet that is sold separately attaches to the frame in place of one of the seats. Simply push two buttons to remove the upright seat and snap in the bassinet. Once again, they thought of everything when it comes to this attachment. To ensure that your baby is comfortable, the bassinet not only has an extra long sun visor, but also comes with a cushion insert that fits snugly into the frame of the bed and has a removable cover for easy cleaning. Our third baby is due in July, and I can’t wait to give this feature a try! (The stroller is also car seat-compatible with the purchase of an a la carte adapters. It can take one or two car seats at a time; again, when baby number three comes, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of this!)
The makers of this double, side-by-side stroller truly thought of everything. Included with the stroller are: plastic rain covers and mosquito nets that completely cover the sun visor all the way down to the foot rest; warm and cozy wind covers that attach to the lap bar and cover the foot rests completely, which are so nice for a walk around the park on a crisp spring day; and its own matching diaper bag. Yes, that’s right: It comes with its own diaper bag, which fits effortlessly into the oversized basket that runs the entire width of the stroller. It may be pricey, but this stroller is worth every penny.
Price: $800
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