Storksak Tania

By Published On: March 19th, 2012

Right off the bat, let me say:I am a big […]

Right off the bat, let me say:I am a big bag kind of girl. Even prebaby, I liked my handbags to be large and in charge and to come with plenty of room for all my stuff. (Plus, I just like the look of an oversized tote.)
So of course immediately I was drawn to the look of the Storksak Tania—its size is perfect for my style and taste, and I was taken with it from the get go by looks alone. But as I’ve learned before, sometimes good looks aren’t enough when it comes to baby gear. You’ve got to have something that works for your lifestyle.
500 Tania Graphite with accThe outside of the bag is a fun metallic, a “pearlescent nylon with a waterproof finish.”It’s a great material for a diaper bag. It’s durable and wipeable, and maintains its luster, making the bag’s looks hold up for a long time (a super bonus when it comes to a baby carryall!) Another plus for me are the outside pockets. I’m forever toting around a water bottle (gotta stay hydrated when you’re nursing!) and find it most convenient to be able to access my H2O by popping it in and out of an outer pocket of a bag instead of having to find a place for it inside. Ditto baby bottles! There are roomy pockets on the ends of the bag as well as larger pouch pockets on the front and back of the bag (with a handy inner pocket in one that’s perfect for my cell phone).
Straps are another part of baby bags that take a beating, and this is another place that the Tania shines. The straps are strong and reinforced at the top, and though I’ve had the bag for only a fraction of the time that I’ll be using it, I can already tell they won’t show wear and tear easily.
Some people have a strong preference about how their diaper bags close and open—some like snaps, some like for the bag to remain open, some like zippers. I’m a zipper girl (a one snap closure seems wishy washy to me—either close all the way or stay open, I say!) and that’s exactly what the Storksak has. I like to be able to hide my plastic bag of wet clothes and crumpled receipts from the public.
Inside, you’ll find a thermo-insulated bottle holder that keeps fluids warm or cool for up to four hours, plus a changing pad (for those on-the-go changes in places with questionable surfaces). In addition, there are pockets lining the sides and also a key ring, which I find immensely helpful. Lovers of big bags are notorious for losing their keys in the cavernous insides of their purse! From the minute I started using the bag, I would put my keys on the inner ring (it attaches via easy-snapping clip for removing and inserting) and I think it might have added 10 whole minutes back onto my week when you do the math.
Diaper bag choices are almost like name choices—so much of it comes down to personal preference. What works for one mom may not work for another. I absolutely adore this bag and think it was the very best choice for me. I think it will last through more than one baby for sure, making the price worth it, and it works with dressy outfits and casual outfits alike, making it my go-to bag for almost any day.