Storksak Kate

By Published On: August 1st, 2010

Oh, Storksak, how I love thee so. Yet again, you’ve […]

Oh, Storksak, how I love thee so. Yet again, you’ve created an outstandingly stylish, exceptionally functional diaper bag to please even the most discerning of mothers.
Storksak KateIf we’re judging the book by its cover, the Kate is sure to be a New York Times bestseller. The saturated, graphic print conveys confidence, the genuine leather and silver trim exudes class, and the synthetic wipe clean exterior affords a certain sensibility. No less than six pockets (two bottle, two magnetic closure, two basic) grace the exterior, so the most important items (baby’s bottle and your Blackberry to name a couple) are accessible at a moment’s notice. Both the tote straps and removable shoulder strap are made of woven canvas, which sits flat against one’s shoulder without digging or sliding—a feature I particularly appreciate when I’m pushing a shopping cart and carrying my baby at the same time. (I’m sure I’m not the only one whose baby doesn’t enjoy the loud and bumpy ride of those rickety grocery carts. Anyone?)
The qualities of the interior match those of its outward appearance: clean, practical, and well designed. Inside you’ll find six elasticized pockets (two bottle, four basic) and one large zippered pocket for things that call for separation or safe-keeping from the rest of the content. There’s a handy removable key fob (that can be unbuckled when you remove your keys from your bag and rebuckled when you return them—a much simpler process then the tricky clipping many of the less-likely-to-be-used key organizers require). An insulated bottle holder and good-sized change mat are also included. The tan wipeable nylon lining allows for the speedy location of whatever you happen to be looking for, and the spaciousness allows for the comfortable storage of whatever you happen to need.
The Kate is a wise investment, a timeless accessory, a level-headed addition to one’s arsenal of mommy must-haves. The quality promises it will last and the style ensures you’ll want to use it until its dying day—even if that happens to be long after baby’s diaper-wearing days.
P.S. An additional plus the Kate provides? A zip-top closure, which eliminates concerns of the bag falling over in the car or at the pediatrician’s office and its contents spilling out in every direction. So simple, and yet so essential.
Price: $210
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