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The Stokke Trailz is one serious trail blazer! I couldn’t find […]

The Stokke Trailz is one serious trail blazer! I couldn’t find much that would trip this bad boy up. It’s the Range Rover of strollers—a big stroller with a smooth ride that can off road like a champ. It is the perfect stroller for the outdoorsy and all terrain family. Although this stroller is built in mind for off roading, you can definitely still take the Stokke Trailz on the pavement and get the smoothest ride you’ve ever experienced with a stroller. It is priced at $1,300, and therefore is not a purchase to be made lightly! So, before you go out and drop some serious cash for your babe, let me give you the low down!

Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for a sleek, lightweight, everyday stroller, this one is probably not the right match for your family. The Trailz is definitely a beast! I was amazed at its sheer heft when I took all of the components out of the box. However, putting it together was a breeze. The instructions were so clear and fitting all of the components together was pretty intuitive. Out of the box, it only came with a few large pieces and it took me about 15 minutes to snap all of the pieces together.

Once it was together, my husband and I both exclaimed, “It’s huge!” Standing tall at 50 inches high, 38 inches long and 24 inches wide, it looks quite formidable standing in your living room. But then you really begin to admire pretty much everything about its design. It’s beautifully engineered and finished with brilliant colors to match. Stokke has it in five colors including red, purple, grey, black and navy blue. It’s very obvious that the Stokke paid attention to every detail, from the sturdy and waterproof fabric to the large air-filled swivel tires that allow an incredibly smooth ride.

StokkeTrailz2The tires are something to be admired for sure. Four large air-filled tires with 360 degree swivel capability in the front with locking technology for when you hit the trails. The suspension and tires were specifically designed with the comfort of your little one in mind. Although they can fall victim to being punctured like any tire, the benefits of air-filled tires greatly offsets that possibility. With the super suspension on the Stokke Trailz, neither you nor your little one can really feel changes in terrain, or any bumps or hiccups on paved cement.

The Trailz has two seat options: (1) A Carry Cot for a newborn (0-6 months), and (2) the “regular” seat called the Chassis (6 months-33 pounds). I received the Chassis as I have a 6-month-old and although she was a bit small in the Chassis, it was still able to hold her safely and securely. Included with the Chassis is an infant seat insert for smaller babes like mine. The chair can easily be maneuvered into five different positions. Three parent-facing positions for baby to either sleep, rest or be active, and then two forward facing positions for resting and active baby.

Moving the position of the seat is incredibly easy and requires a push of a button. Changing the entire seat position is intuitive and can be completed without assistance. Simply place your fingers under the grey buttons on either side of the seat and lift. Folding the stroller up to fit in the SUV or closet is also simple and can be completed in just three steps: Remove the seat, lower the handle bars, and push two buttons. Easy-peasy!

Strapping baby in is very easy with the five-point strap design. It also comes with shoulder pads on the harness for ultimate baby comfort. The straps can be adjusted as your little one grows—it just takes some rethreading through the back, which is fairly simple. The stroller also comes with an excellently designed footrest which can grow with your kiddo. It just slides in and out of the seat frame with a simple squeeze of a button on the bottom of the rest.

StokkeTrailz3The stroller comes with all the gear you’ll need for your outdoor adventures. A hood with a zippable vent in the back for nice airflow, a mosquito net that stretches to fit over the entire seat, as well as a plastic rain cover that easily stretches around the seat to keep baby dry and warm. When not in use, you can keep it underneath the chassis. Stokke’s waterproof basket underneath the stroller is quite big and easily accessible. It is definitely large enough to carry all of your items, baby items, extras that you might need for your kiddo and then some.

The only aspect that I would change about this stroller is the hood coverage. I believe the visor on the hood should be longer, or Stokke should have an option for a large hood accessory, to help keep the sun out of baby’s’ face and eyes. On many of our trips outdoors, unless there was ample tree coverage to shade her, the sun was often shining right into her eyes no matter the position I put her in. More often than not, I have to keep a blanket hanging off the top of the hood to give her shade for her face. Having the blanket on the hood provides her with less visibility during walks and honestly, it just does not look very nice when you’re pushing around a fabulous, stylish stroller.

Other than my one complaint about the hood, this stroller is amazing, and I love it! It’s a big stroller that makes a statement when you’re out. But what really sold me was its superior suspension. I love being able to change terrains without batting an eye. Or being able to go over bumps and cracks in the street without fear that it might wake her up or jostle her too much. If the Trailz fits into your budget, I very highly recommend it!

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