Staying on track

By Published On: September 2nd, 2011
Written by: Suzanna

In a lot of ways, I have found that prepping to be a mama is out of my control.

From the moment of conception, a woman’s body knows just what to do and takes over wonderfully, developing a little person on a tight 40-week schedule. (Amazing!) Of course, as the mother-to-be, you have to get enough rest, stay relatively active, eat well and take those icky pre-natal vitamins every day, but that’s the easy part.

In addition to those things, there are a bajillion (really) things to do to get ready for baby. Early on, I decided that having a plan and pacing myself was the key to staying on schedule—and staying away from being overwhelmed.

Fortunately, I found tons of week-by-week pregnancy to-do lists available in books and on the Internet that help you stay on track with getting organized, finding a pediatrician, and even spending time for your hubby. One of the lists I have been using a list I found in none other than our own Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. It’s called “40 Things to Do in 40 Weeks.”

While I can’t say that I have stuck with the list 100 percent of the time, especially early on, I have found it especially helpful since the 30-week mark hit because, let’s face it, when your stomach starts getting harder with those darned Braxton-Hicks contractions your brain starts slowly turning to mush.

Per the P&N guide, my task this week is to splurge on a day at the spa. Unfortunately, with baby bills just around the corner, that one’s not happening. (Sad face.) But, since I’ve only completed part of my week 34 task—packing my hospital bag—and because I totally flunked out on week 35—installing the car seat—(yes, I’ve been a total slacker for the last two weeks), I’m happy to use week 36 to get back on track.

Besides filling up my suitcase and getting Jacob’s ride home ready this week, I’ll also be finishing my La Leche League nursing book (Tom calls it my “boobie book” thanks to the bare-all front cover), locating a pediatrician, and ironing out the kinks in our insurance.

With the possibility of a full-term Baby Jacob being only a week away (eek!), the pressure is definitely on to get everything in order, and I feel like there’s not a minute to lose. Now, if I can only remember to do the one thing that all of the lists fail to include—breathe!—I’ll be all ready for our bouncing baby boy.