Sprout Shell

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

My sister-in-law and I recently had a discussion about how […]

My sister-in-law and I recently had a discussion about how obnoxious it is when strangers (or even well-meaning friends) touch your baby—especially on his hands, which inevitably fly right up to his mouth.
It’s flu season, people … let’s not expose our tiny kiddos to any more germs than necessary!
SproutShellEnter Sprout Shell, an ingenious creation that fits easily over any size infant carrier to create a tent-like enclosure and provide an instant barrier against touchy people. It also blocks your baby from wind, sun and other unfriendly elements. The hole in the top of the cover allows for plenty of breathing room, and also lets you get a firm grip on the carrier handle and peek in on your little one. My son got over-stimulated very easily, and I think he would’ve been much happier with a Sprout Shell—the cover would have allowed him to rest peacefully in his seat while we were out and about by putting a block between him and the bright lights and people. (We pretty much always used a sling, which served the same purpose, but it would’ve been nice to have another option!) I really am impressed with the Sprout Shell and can’t imagine how I ever functioned without one. It’s definitely been added to my list of go-to shower gifts for expecting friends!
When you aren’t using the Sprout Shell as a carrier cover, it can double as a nursing cover by simply slipping it over your head, or as a shopping cart or highchair cover when your baby is ready to sit on his own. Right now they have eight styles available on their website, from polka dots to funky prints to pretty florals. There are a couple of styles on sale as well. And at only $40, it’s a great bargain—you’re getting a carrier cover, highchair/shopping cart cover and nursing cover all in one! Definitely a good deal in my book. Head over to sproutshell.com for more info and images of the Sprout Shell in action.
Price: $40
Buy it: sproutshell.com