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For your partner … Clue your honey in to what’s […]

For your partner …
Clue your honey in to what’s going on in your belly by feeding his. (After all, his stomach is the way to his heart.) Cook up a meal of itty-bitty eats, including baby carrots, baby red potatoes, baby spinach, baby sweet corn—like the kind in your favorite Chinese food—and finish it off with some baby back ribs. Whether he questions the tiny food theme or needs some heavy-handed hints, it will be a dinner he’ll never forget.
due-date-cookiesFor your parents (or in-laws) …
Instead of gifting your mom and pop a tiny one-piece or baby shoes that they’ll likely give back to you anyway, why not give them something they can use? (Wink, wink.) Play the jokester, and wrap up some obnoxiously large reading glasses or denture cream. Once they’re sufficiently confused, explain that the goodies are to prepare them for their new role as grandparents!
For long-distance friends and relatives …
Just because your BFF or favorite aunt lives states away doesn’t mean she has to find out about your pregnancy on Facebook—or even over the phone. When you’re ready to spill the beans, wrap a peapod (or a lime—or whatever else is the current size of your babe-to-be) in tissue paper, write a sweet note explaining what the gift means, and drop the package in the mail. She’ll love being a part of the excitement in a tangible way.
For your nearest and dearest …
Tell your closest pals all at once by inviting them over for a brunch or girls night—whatever’s more your style. Set out a plate of due date cookies, and see how long it takes them to figure it out. (Make your own, or if you’re icing penmanship isn’t up to snuff, order a dozen from momstercookies.etsy.com (pictured above) for $28.)
For everyone else …
Last but not least, if you want to let the world in on your excitement, post a photo that’s easy to share, so even your globetrotting cousin can comment to say congrats! Your picture-perfect reveal can be as clever or humorous as you’d like—from a sweet sonogram to a symbolic bun in the oven.

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