You spin me right round, baby

By Published On: October 3rd, 2013

Though the thought of becoming a parent can make you […]

vertigoThough the thought of becoming a parent can make you feel a bit woozy, it’s not the culprit behind that spinning sensation. Vertigo is a common pregnancy side effect and can happen during any trimester, but is most common around the halfway point. In general, dizziness is caused by a drop in blood pressure. When this happens, less oxygen is carried to your brain, causing that tingly feeling. Because your body is diverting blood to your baby, you’re more likely to experience vertigo while pregnant even if you’ve never had it before.
Here’s how to handle that spinning sensation:
Sit down. If you’ve been walking or standing, sit down as soon as you can.
Pull over. If you’re driving when the dizziness hits, pull over. In extreme cases, the dizziness could lead to fainting, and you don’t want to pass out behind the wheel.
Cool off. Overheating can often make your symptoms worse. If you can’t find a cool spot, try putting an ice cube or some cold water on the back of your neck—there’s a nerve cluster at the base of your spine, and it will help you cool off faster.