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You’re looking to learn about pregnancy-safe products.Once you receive news […]

You’re looking to learn about pregnancy-safe products.
Once you receive news of a bun in the oven, it’s important to clear your inventory of harsh chemicals deemed unsafe for baby. Bump Box carefully chooses premium products—from queasy stomach aids to renewing body scrubs—that protect your bump from start to finish. You’ll gain exposure to new brands while taking the guesswork out of your prenatal routine.

You’re in need of some serious TLC.
It’s no secret that even before newbie makes her grand entrance, she’s already getting most of the attention from mom. Treasure the time you have before your due date by fostering self-care on a regular basis. Opting for a subscription service ensures you’ll never be short on products to pamper your hardworking bod—and never have an excuse to neglect your needs. 

You’re a fan of convenience and quality service.
Let’s be honest, delivery is the way of the world these days, and that becomes even more preferable while expecting. Bump Box does the researching, sourcing and shipping for you, so you can stay focused on more important things, like counting down the days until you get to meet your newborn. What’s more, if your wee one arrives during your subscription, you’ll get a box made just for her instead. 

Try Bump Box today and discover even more reasons to celebrate your pregnancy journey!

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