Sparkle and shine

By Published On: December 27th, 2011

Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick […]

Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick out some of their favorite products to feature in print. Here’s what we chose to glitz up the holiday season in our December issue.

“Treat the tot in your life to a truly stellar shaker.” —Ginny, Contributing Editor

Harmony Ball rattle, $75
“I’m dying to wear these glittery stunners.” —Shea, Fashion & Style Editor

Elva Fields earrings, $30
“Dress up your packages with above-average decor.” —Steph, Creative Director

The Gilded Bee ribbon, $8
“Metallic kicks are just right for the month’s festivities.” —Mary, Editorial Intern

Sweet Shoes Mary Janes, $32
“Who wouldn’t love a fun, fancy pouch for storing her makeup?” —Angela, Editorial Intern

Forever 21 pouch, $5
“An effortless way to stay warm and chic.” —Lauren, Executive Editor

Elizabeth Gillett scarf, $135
“Funky nail color makes even the dreariest office party a little cheerier.” —Rachel, Associate Editor

OPI nail lacquer, $5
“Glam it up for your holiday gatherings.” —Meredith, Contributing Editor

Too Faced powder, $17
“By far the prettiest place to prop my swollen feet!” —Tracy, Associate Editor

Tazi Designs pouf, $240
“My sweet niece would look absolutely adorable in these shimmery headbands.” —Lacey, Editor in Chief

Lou and Lee headbands, $28 for set