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Fat little baby feet are practically edible, and given the […]

Fat little baby feet are practically edible, and given the choice, I’d keep ’em bare for smooching, gobbling and tickling 24/7. But since winter temperatures aren’t exactly naked tootsy-appropriate, tiny little socks are the next best option. Here are my top picks.
1. Golden striped thigh-highs. Need I say more?
2. Days of the week socks keep petite piggies covered Sunday through Saturday.
3. Faux shoes are far from a faux pas. The “Tevas” are my fave.
4. You can’t go wrong with pairs of classic stripes. These are technically for boys, but I’d dress a girl in them too.
5. Pastel polkadots in seven combinations.
6. These mismatched socks are sold in threes, providing a pair and a spare to minimize panic when one inevitably goes missing.
7. More stripes! Basics are the best aren’t they? (Especially in this handsome palette.)
Sock it to me
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