So perfect and sweet: The birth of Little H

By Published On: June 4th, 2012

Written by: Whitney June 03 2012 I woke up on […]

Written by: Whitney

I woke up on Thursday morning around six thirty with light contractions, like I had been having for several days. I was hungry so I made myself a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat and turned the TV on just in time to watch the Ground Hog see his shadow.

By this time my Mom was up and asked how I was feeling. I told her nothing had changed much. We continued watching the Today Show and after about twenty minutes the contractions seemed to get a little more intense.

Hubby woke up and saw me leaning on our ottoman trying to get more comfortable. The contractions were getting so intense I begin to cry because they were starting to really hurt. After each set of contractions I would ask myself, “did I really just cry?” I thought, “Oh boy this is going to be a long day if I am already crying!”

My first labor with Little M was 14 hours so at this point I was thinking I would have a long ways to go! I sat up and continued talking to my mom and Hubby when another contraction came and again I begin to cry. My Mom then suggested I call my midwife. I called my midwife and let her know that I already had three really intense contractions. Thinking I had lots of time, I told her I would call her back after I had several more (here is where I made my mistake.)

I then decided to go back to my bedroom but end up having another contraction down the hall. Amazingly little M ends up sleeping through this, as I was getting quite loud at this point. I was still trying to get comfortable and at the same time crying and telling Hubby all the things we need to get done, and then another contraction would hit.

Hubby then tells me that I need to call our midwife. I think my response was “I will later, ouch, oh not again”. Thankfully he went and called her, otherwise I would have had this baby myself! After that I went into the bathroom and stood in the shower. It felt sooo good! I then felt the need to push, and when I did, my water breaks! I felt so much better and was so glad this happened in the shower and not on the carpet.

Hubby and Mom looked a little panicked since our midwife and nurse were not there yet. They began to call and text our midwife. The whole time I was still like, “oh no big deal. I may have this baby in the bathroom.” A word of advice, never trust a woman’s judgment in labor!

A few minutes passed and the contractions were back and even more intense. Nothing seemed to be working so I decided to get in the pool. I got in just as the nurse arrived. She sees me and calls my midwife and tells her I am in the pool and very uncomfortable. At this point I was glad to see my nurse. She had also worked as a doula before and this was very calming.

When my midwife arrived we were all very relieved. She wanted to check me and once again I thought I still had hours to go. Nope I am already at a nine! For some reason this made me mad and I was thinking, “why not a ten?” I began to feel a lot of pressure but told myself I had a long ways to go. The midwife reassures me that I was wrong and that the baby would be here soon and just to concentrate. During these contractions I found myself squeezing her arm and yet the whole time she is encouraging me and telling me how awesome I am doing. I started to pray that God would help me get this baby out and quick because I was so tired.

I maneuvered into a squatting position and began to push and slowly we saw little H’s head. I rest and then told the midwife to just pull him out! She told me that I needed to keep pushing. I then decided to stand up because I felt like gravity would help. I stood up and my midwife says “okay now push.” I remember pushing really hard twice and then he was out!

I was so thankful he was finally out. He had to have some oxygen, but then I got to hold him. He was so perfect and sweet. Little H was born at 10:46 am weighing 8lbs 7oz! The whole labor and delivery was a little over four hours, not fourteen like I expected! Now I realize the reason I was crying was due to him coming so fast!

I am so thankful for my Hubby, Mom, Midwife, Nurse and Rebecca Fitzpatrick Photography in supporting me with the home birth of little H. I Love you all!

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