Snuza Trio Mobile Baby Monitor

By Published On: November 28th, 2012

What scares me most of all as a new mother […]

What scares me most of all as a new mother is whether or not my son will continue breathing when I close my eyes at night. That first night with him at home was difficult because I really thought that he might have stopped breathing while I caught a few precious moments of sleep myself. That is why I am very glad that we used a Snuza Trio Mobile Baby Monitor, which includes a Snuza Hero baby movement monitor, and both an audio and video feature.
trioIt felt so nice to have some dependable back up for monitoring my baby’s breathing without having to be awake to do it! When I slide the Snuza Hero monitor onto his diaper I feel so much more at ease knowing that if his movement is sluggish the Snuza Hero will vibrate against his belly to encourage movement and breathing. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the sleeping baby to encourage movement and the Snuza Hero will go back to monitoring. What is really impressive is that if there are three vibrations without enough movement an alarm will sound. I can’t tell you how much relief that brought my husband and I during the first few weeks when we really needed a few hours of good sleep!
Other than the Hero portion of the monitor the audio and video features are also impressive. I like that the camera has a very clear night vision feature in which I can still see our baby even in a very dark room. When a light goes on it can also switch back to color very quickly. The monitor is very compact and you can clip it on your belt and carry it around with you without a problem. If your baby starts crying you can play music (three different songs) from the monitor clipped on your belt. The sound quality is excellent. I haven’t heard any interference and never have had to strain to pick up any sound both from the songs playing or my little baby’s cry. The range on the monitor is also pretty incredible! I can even be raking leaves in the backyard and still hear and see my baby! I also like that the battery in the monitor is rechargeable and resembles a cell phone battery. The monitor is incredibly sensitive to sound which has its advantages and disadvantages. Little noises do set it off and that can be a bit annoying when you are trying to sleep.
The video camera is compact and easy to use however there is not a way to attach it to the wall or the crib unless you get creative. It would be nice to be able to connect it securely to the crib because if you accidentally bump against the crib the camera will fall. It is very durable and I haven’t had any trouble getting it to work after dropping it.
Overall the Snuza Trio Monitoring System is a dependable and smart system that has definitely helped me feel more an ease as a new mom. I would definitely recommend it for nervous moms who need would benefit from the reassurance of a system monitoring your baby’s breathing and movement patterns.
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