Snugli All-In-One

By Published On: March 25th, 2013

My husband and I tallied our numbers before testing out […]

34611364_Snugli_All-In-One_CarSeat_Geo_Straight_largeMy husband and I tallied our numbers before testing out the Snugli All-In-One car seat, and by our calculations, this is our seventh car seat installation (not including backless booster seats). We’re on kid number three, and so we’ve been around the block (literally and figuratively) when it comes to car safety restraints.
At first glance, the All-In-One seat is a beauty—it’s plush and looks incredibly comfy, which for me is a huge, huge plus. I can’t imagine what it’s like to ride on a long car trip backwards and strapped down in one position (necessary, for safety’s sake!)—so for a seat to be uncomfortable to sit in on top of that seems miserable. The material is cozy, (made with memory foam!) and cute, too—something that isn’t super high up on the priority list for car safety, but a nice bonus. As the mom of a boy, then girl, then boy, I’m especially glad for the prints’ gender neutrality—I would use either print for either sex, so transitioning the seat between kids is a no-brainer.
Now down to the nitty-gritty. Full disclosure: my husband installed the car seat (I am quick to defer this task, I confess) and so the account of the installation comes from him. He reported it to be one of the easiest he’d experienced, saying that the SureLATCH system was particularly simple to attach. (If your car doesn’t come with LATCH, the old-school tether system is still an option.) We still have a long time to go before forward facing the All-In-One, since our third is only 10 months old, but once we do that, there is a top tether (the TruTether Adjuster) to help anchor the seat, with a green light indicator to help you know when it’s attached tightly enough. Indicators are always a good thing in my book.
We have a Honda Pilot, and my husband did note that because of the All-In-One’s size, it was hard for him to get in and weigh the seat down with his body while installing it. The seat is formidable, taking up a good bit of its surroundings, but mostly that is because of the size of the Snug and Safe Side Impact sides, which are triple layers of foam that reduce side impact crash forces by 50 percent. That is a concession I’m willing to make.
Also of note is Snugli’s Outlast Technology Fabrics, which is a “temperature controlling fabric that has the ability to absorb and store excess heat, helping to reduce overheating and prevent chilling.” Though I’ll be interested in seeing how this does in the dead of summer here in the south, so far on the above 70 (hotter in the closed car) days the seat has been quite nice, so I am looking forward to seeing fewer sweaty backs from my baby after a ride in the car.
By far the best part of this seat, and the selling point for me and my husband is the seat straps that are adjustable without having to rethread them through the back. (That’s right. Aw, yeah.) What a huge time-saver. And honestly, it adds to the safety of this car seat, because how many times have you been rushed to go somewhere and buckled baby in to a seat who’s straps are too low because there was no time to remove the whole seat and spend 15 minutes adjusting them? On the All-In-One you simply hold on to the green harness tabs and pull up or down. It’s that easy. I’m a fan.
All in (One) all, I think this seat is a great buy and really worth considering when registering for or purchasing your babe’s ride. Safe, simple to use and stylish.
Price: $330
Weight range: 5-40 lbs rear-facing; 22-65lbs forward-facing and up to 110 lbs/57 inches in booster mode
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