By Published On: January 2nd, 2012

As we put the North Pole out of our minds […]

As we put the North Pole out of our minds till next year, let’s travel to the opposite end of the earth to visit to our feathered friends in the Artic. (Or, better yet, just scroll to the bottom of this blog post to find them!) These ever-tuxedo-wearing pals are sweet as can be and serve as a serious source of inspiration in the world of baby goods. No kidding! According to my trolling on the interwebs, these black and white birds are the animal behind all of the following: a lunchbox, push toy, puzzle, hand sanitizer dispenser, cooling pack, humidifier, bodysuit, backpack, wall organizer, artwork, booties and storybook. Pretty impressive resume, right? And I’m sure the list goes on, though frankly, I’ve reached my cuteness quota for the day. (Or at least will have as soon as I watch Happy Feet 2. Now, if you’ll excuse me … )
Snowbirds by pnmag on

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