And then a smile for me

By Published On: February 2nd, 2015

Last week, although a good week all in all, I […]

Last week, although a good week all in all, I struggled with not seeing my boy’s first smile. It happened while I was at work, and the picture that I was sent—being so adorable—broke me a little. (Thanks to all those who read my blog and commented on how cute he is. We think so, but then again we are biased.) Since then I’ve been hoping to see a smile that was for me, and each day as I drive the long monotonous journey home, (with me usually stuck behind a truck going half the speed limit) I’ve fantasized that as I open the door after a long day at work his little eyes would sparkle and a beaming “daddy’s home” smile would emerge.
ben happily playing
But really, he’s still only 6 weeks old. So needless to say, that’s not quite happened yet. If it had, I’d be calling Mensa to tell them of the boy genius in my house.
So, I’ve been taking lead from my partner, which is a little strange, as up until last week we were discovering things about our little boy together. Now I have to be told what he likes and what he doesn’t a little more. I guess that happens to all us parents who go back to work. Anyway, one thing she’s discovered is that he is ticklish just under his ear, so I thought …
Awesome! This is it. I’ll get a smile now. It might not be the “daddy’s home” I have fantasized about, but who cares? I’ll get my smile …
Sounds good doesn’t it? One tickle, and I’ll get a grin. Well at least that was the idea.
Here’s what really happened …
I’m in the middle of a nappy change with Ben’s little bare tush exposed. (He loves a naked kick around, but then again, who doesn’t right?) I saw my opportunity. This was it. I was going to get my smile.
Stealthily after I sanitized my hands (because a tickle should never end in a poopy neck), I reached up for his little ear, found the spot my other half told me was the smile button and momentarily paused to prepare myself for the wave of euphoria I knew I’d feel. I tickled giving my very best “coochy coo” that I could muster.
Then he turned to look me in the eye.
I remember thinking, this is it, this is it
But then he farted, followed by quite the mess (as babies do). I jumped back as his poo shot out like a Mentos being dropped into Diet Coke. I stumbled, half blind by the smell that was a byproduct of the disaster zone. Then, through the fog that hazed around his bum, I saw it, through my blood shot eyes: a lovely little cheeky smile.
I’m not sure if he smiled at the relief of what he just produced or if the smile was for me, but it was a real one—so I don’t care either way. I still felt the euphoria.
So, despite me slightly over dramatizing the situation, I can safely say that I have seen him smile in the flesh, and regardless of context it will be a beautiful moment in my life that I will remember until my days on this earth are done.
It also makes me chuckle when I think about it. He is a cheeky one!
Since then, I have had many more smiles from my little man. Each one is just as perfect as the first, and I now count my blessings even more for him being in my life.