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By Published On: April 1st, 2011

Written by: Megan March 31 2011 As a first time […]

Written by: Megan

As a first time mom, the Sleepy Wrap has made life a little easier. I am able to grocery shop, clean the house, go on a stroll, even hike with this baby carrier! My 4 month old loves being close to me and will fall asleep within minutes of being in the wrap. I like the idea of him being close to me as we run errands. I have even found it useful when my son is fussy: When nothing but holding him would do, I put him in the Sleepy Wrap and he quickly calmed down.
The Sleepy Wrap is simply made from a large (5.5 yards) strip of French Terry fabric. The wrap is so comfortable; you don’t have to worry about buckles or rings digging into your skin. Since the wrap is so long, it virtually fits any size. Even men love the Sleepy Wrap! The material is stretchy, so the wrap is more comfortable for the carrier and the baby. It can accommodate up to 45 lbs! And since the material content is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the wrap is machine washable.
Learning to use the Sleepy Wrap is pretty easy—it only took me a few tries to get the hang of how to tie the wrap and how tight it should be. Babies can be held in the wrap in 3 different positions. And each “hold” that the baby can be positioned in is safe for your baby, he/she will not experience any stress on their hips, spine or joints. My baby enjoys the “love your baby” hold, where he is facing me, his head is against my chest, and his legs are straddled in the fabric.
I love that you can nurse your baby in the wrap without having to adjust anything! The Sleepy Wrap comes with a travel pouch, it is so easy to fold the wrap in the pouch and carry it in your diaper bag! I would definitely recommend this product to new moms.
Here a few extra facts about the Sleepy Wrap:

*one size fits all
*from preemie/newborn to toddler
*hands-free walking, hiking, shopping
*wrapping instructions included
*carrying case included
*available in 13 colors ($40), organic line available in 3 colors ($60)
Price: $40 and up