Skooch Groovy Baby

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

Diaper bag veterans—those who have tried all kinds of baby […]

Diaper bag veterans—those who have tried all kinds of baby bags and have figured out what works and what doesn’t—will appreciate the smart design and chic style of the Groovy bag by Skooch. It’s the kind of bag that just makes you feel good—the happy marriage between style and function make it a smart buy for the savvy mom.
SkoochGroovyBabyHere are a few reasons why …
The Groovy’s exterior is more pocket-laden than most bags on the market, but without looking cluttered. Three roomy outer pockets on the front side mean quick access to the things you’ll need most when baby starts bawling in a quiet church service, library or restaurant and you don’t have the extra 25 seconds to look for a pacifier, bottle or favorite snuggly. An additional three pockets line the back of the bag; one holds a matching changing pad (freeing up interior real estate), and the others are ideal for holding a couple diapers and wipes or any variety of other items.
The inside is just as well-planned as the outside. Roomy pockets in useful sizes make organization a breeze. The light-colored, water-repellent fabric makes it easy to find non-pocketed items and simple to wipe up those occasional baby bottle drips. Mom’s goods find a perfect home in the spacious zippered compartment inside.
If these fabulous features don’t already have you drooling, the bag’s chic styling will win you over in no time! The soft quilted fabric creates a classy look that pairs perfectly with the whimsical polka dot design for a fun-but-grown-up feel. The fabric is also mom-smart: It’s very lightweight, and water-repellent so that most liquids simply bead on the surface and wipe or roll right off. The fabric straps feature asymmetrical metal clasps and hooks that easily transform them into stroller straps and back again with the utmost convenience. High quality zippers and nickel feet round out the hardware selection.
A bonus: You can feel good for supporting American industry—the Groovy is made in NYC.

  • Nickel feet
  • YKK zippers, including top closure
  • Water-repellent fabrics


  • 6 exterior, including 1 changing mat sleeve
  • 5 interior, including 1 zippered compartment and 2 bottle pockets


  • Changing mat

Price: $180
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