Skip Hop Mod Dot Bedding Collection

By Published On: October 10th, 2010

Written by: Kate October 10 2010 I’m one of those […]

Written by: Kate

I’m one of those people who has looked forward to motherdom her whole life.

I’ve cooed at babies in carts at grocery checkout lines since I was in middle school. I’ve smiled happily at bump-boasting passersby for years. And I was an avid reader of mommy blogs even before I had a serious boyfriend.

All this to say that I fell in love with Skip Hop’s Mod Dot Crib Bedding Collection awhile back and knew that it would be my top pick when it came to furnishing my yet-to-be-conceived baby’s sleep space some day. It’s modern, but not too modern. Baby-ish, but not too baby-ish. And gender-neutral in a really, truly gender-neutral way—without being just green, or just yellow, or just, well, boring. So I had my bedding, all I needed was a baby.

Well, lo and behold, just a few years later I became pregnant. But guess what? The Mod Dot Crib Bedding Collection was no longer in production. (@#$!*) So I settled on a slightly-less-perfect style and moved on.

Except I didn’t really move on entirely. My heart still longed to decorate a nursery with the colorful dotted bedding that made it skip a beat.

Good news: I am only just now in my third trimester, and the bedding is back(!). After a yearlong hiatus (for what reason I can’t even begin to imagine!), my dream bedding has returned. And speaking of returned, I did just that with my first-trimester subpar bedding purchase and traded it in for the Mod Dot masterpiece. (Well, I didn’t exactly trade it in: Skip Hop sent it to me for review … Good things come to those who wait, I tell you.)

The bedding is fantastic. The set includes a sheet, comforter, bumper and reversible crib skirt—all of which are so stinking cute, in a not too cutesy way, of course. (Skip Hop also sent the coordinating cotton blanket, which I adore.) I know I’ll only use the bumper until the baby is old enough to roll over, but I love the way it looks as I await my bundle of joy. And the comforter will make a perfect blanket for the park. Extra sheets are available for purchase separately, so I may pick up a few spares, just in case. The rainbow of colors match “go with” the hodgepodge (ahem, eclectic) decor of the nursery. And the quality is on par with that of other Skip Hop products, which means it's outstanding. Super nice, super cute, not super expensive—that’s what I love about Skip Hop.

Price: $199
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