Skip Hop Highline Convertible Diaper Backpack

By Published On: September 15th, 2016

Y’all, this bag. This. bag. I don’t just love it. […]

Y’all, this bag. This. bag. I don’t just love it. I loooove it. This bag looks so stylish, not too trendy that it will be old news any time soon, and not mom-ish at all. And if you didn’t think it all exists in one bag, well it does in the Skip Hop Highline Convertible Diaper Backpack.
skiphop-highline-convertible-diaper-backpack-oyster-stripe1This bag is SO functional. I have the “oyster stripe,” and it’s beautiful. When it showed up on my doorstep, I was just about to leave for a weekend away without the babes. (I have a 3-year-old and 1-year-old.) I didn’t want to leave it behind, so I brought it along as my purse! Nobody thought it was a diaper bag, and I didn’t even feel like it looked obvious. It traveled really well carrying my books, makeup and even our laptop. So, this is a great bag for you if you want to take it without littles in tow.
(Daddies, the rose gold and soft neutrals definitely make it feminine, so mamas, I think this bag is for you. My husband doesn’t mind using it, but he wouldn’t want it as “his dad bag.”)
The bag is very big and spacious, but it doesn’t feel weighty when completely empty and it compresses nicely when not stuffed full. It could definitely go as a weekend-away bag for babe or a day out. Some moms might say it’s too big for a quick run to the store, but I haven’t minded. Stroller straps are included and are super fast to attach to a stroller or grocery cart, so using hands-free is easy-peasy.
skiphop-highline-convertible-diaper-backpack-oyster-stripe2And oh, the pockets! This thing has so many pockets. (I discovered a new one after a month of carrying it!) It is a deep bag, but all the pockets hedge the black hole effect perfectly. There is a leather (yes, real leather) flap on the front that I love to stash my wallet, keys, phone and lip gloss in. This bag has two long vertical pockets on the front, but they are not cup holders. They’ve been more useful for hand sanitizer or sunglasses. Outside also has two hidden zipper pockets. (You truly can’t see them unless you know they’re there.) I use them for backup undies and clothes for my toddler.
Inside the bag are four very deep elastic rim pockets that I use as cupholders, which havebeen perfect. Inside is also a small, zipper pocket and one large pocket the height of the bag.
The straps are easily adjusted from cross body to backpack. Backpack carry is surprisingly comfortable. The shoulder strap does not have a pad on it, so it does feel uncomfortable if the bag is very heavy. Either way, the bag stays put when you’re carrying it. And when you set it down, it stands up nicely, so you can dig through it. The metal feet on the bottom are great, too; they’ve kept the bottom pretty clean and help the bag stand well.
skiphop-highline-convertible-diaper-backpack-oyster-stripe3The bag is cloth, so I sprayed it with Scotchgard when I got it, and I am so glad I did. Doing so has prevented coffee spills and lots of use from leaving a mark on it. The leather looks beautiful, too. The zippers, buttons and hooks on the straps are rose gold, and I love that detail. The hooks on the straps are also very easy to clip. The changing pad that comes with it is great.
The main pocket can zip closed, but I find this cumbersome unless I am storing the bag away on a plane or something. Another amazing feature is the way the top flap folds and is held back by magnets, so it doesn’t get in the way at all and keeps the bag very functional. This is probably one of the coolest features of the bag. If you aren’t zipping it closed, there is a single snap with a leather strap to close the top. It is easy to close but usually faster with two hands.skiphop-highline-convertible-diaper-backpack-oyster-stripe6Overall, this bag is beautiful and functional. It is big and would be a great bag for multiples or if you have a handful of kiddos. I get compliments all the time! I’ve taken it on family vacations to Disney World, playdates, around town and just for myself—it has performed amazingly each time. It is pricey, at $200, but if you are spending the money it’s a bag well worth it! The only thing I would change is adding a pad on the shoulder strap. Otherwise, I truly don’t have an complaint about this gorgeous bag! I have shopped for years for a bag I love, and this bag has by far been the best I’ve used.
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